About Me

First up, ME: The good, bad, and the ugly.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

ā€” Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my blog. I am being commissioned by my “Counsel” to write. We all are on our own journey, and this is mine.

Where I am at right now, is that half of me wants to hide in the little bubble I have created. Its quite cozy in here! Then, there is this ever so small (right now) part of me that is ready to sneak back into life. YOU KNOW what I’m talking about… It’s that ‘hold your nose as you jump in the deep end’ side. Or as Nikes’ slogan states: JUST DO IT.

So, WHO AM I? I am like everyone else – well sorta. As we ALL have stories, let me give you the the cliff note version.

THE GOOD: I would say that I am a loyal, hard working, Mother of two adorable young men. I am an excellent listener. Quite often, I channel my inner five year old and have been known to stick my tongue out, giggle at inappropriate things and make decisions based on the rock, paper, scissors, game. I have to practice speaking with a filter. Most definitely, a leader. That ‘take charge” side steps out in full force sometimes. Unofficially, I have labeled myself CAMP COUNSELOR at CAMP: WANNA-HOCK-A-LUGGI. Definitely, competitive at times but mostly with myself. Sincerely love audio books, cutting the grass, walking in the woods and scuba diving. I cheer on the underdog! (former cheerleader, thank you very much!) As all women and people in general, there are many layers to me. Depending on what the moment calls for, is how I show up. Most always, I’m the glass-half-full, kinda gal!

THE BAD & UGLY: Ugh….. I don’t think there there is enough time or computer space! So, before I let you know about some of my dark creases of life. I-AM-HUMAN AND SO-ARE-YOU. Although there are some that like to feel superior based on some unknown “RULE BOOK”, the reality is: THERE-ISN’T-A-RULE-BOOK. We are all students of life. That being said, I am sure that there could be many additions and subtractions to my list based on who you speak to. Here is MY version: TUNNEL VISION SYNDROME. If I’m on a quest, the world can pass me by. I only see one thing and one thing only. Lets see…. I HAVE NO PATIENCE WITH MYSELF. I want to know something like the back of my hand RIGHT-NOW, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOOOOOOWWWW!!! I suffer the affliction of giving WAAAAYYYYY to many chances to some, and none to others. I NEVER LEARNED TO JUGGLE. Most times I’m a “muti-tasker extraordinaire”. Except, when it comes being a dainty Ying and a masculine Yang, sometimes I am ALL Ying and others ALL Yang for a moment. Balance?? NOPE! Still working on that. So, one more tarnished tangent of mine, is on occasion I need to wear the sign: DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS. Translation is: Need to regroup, reset, and retreat. I can go from tornado to turtle in about two days. Watch out when I am in a tornado mode! Two weeks worth of work can get done in a day. Just about the time you get your sneakers tied, I can be in turtle mode.

Now you know! This is the cliff note version of me so if you see me write something that seems off kilter, you will at least have a hint of where I am coming from. I reserve the right to add to my list when I deem fit in any of the good, bad or ugly category.

I also write like I talk. Well, to be honest, I am probably cleaning up the necessary things to make this readable. Truly though, if you talk to me in person some time, I can be short and sweet and strait to the point (oh and BLUNT!) and other times, flowery, sweet, using every descriptive adjective out there. Some of you are going to “get me” and others won’t. I won’t be upset. I appreciate the opportunity to show my personality when appropriate.

Lets cut to the chase….. WHY THIS BLOG???? Whelp, there is a LOT to this… but the Readers Digest version is…. I WAS ASKED TO. By whom? Jean Paul Claude, whom I affectionately call (with permission), ‘JP’. Who is he? One of my Guardian Angels. The reason was that I ‘have a funny way of looking at life’, and that a lot of you will relate.

Couple of miscellaneous disclaimers: Lots of cool stories have already happened that I will be uploading here. Some you will believe, and there might be a few that stem outside your realm of imaginable. IT’S O-K. My favorite slogan is YOU CAN”T MAKE THIS SHIT UP! (Although, as to not offend anyone, I might change it to read “stuff”) I am a advocate of giving credit where credit is due. Seriously, I am not a name dropper to impress anyone but the names that I do drop of a Teacher, School, business or other, is because they impressed me. I also am an advocate for privacy. There might be a story I write about here that I am privy to on my journey. It is not my intent to make fun of or underplay the seriousness anyone’s situation, request or story. I might find a funny spin on it. IT’S MY SPIN. Life and situations are not all rainbow, unicorns and butterflies. People, I cry, get upset and channel my inner three year old temper-tantrums at times! I also have my VERY OWN soap box. (Don’t be a hater! I bet you have your very own too!) I won’t have to mention it – you will know it when you see it. So I will be changing Names and places to protect privacy. Any similarity to your own experience, or story is purely coincidental. I am not here to pass judgment on anyone. You have your own free will. This is MY PATH, MY TRUTH and I am sincerely grateful if I can help you along the way in some way shape or form by reading any of this.

So in summary, this will be a blog of my Spiritual Journey to further enlightenment. I may take on some more serious tones the more I learn. I am always VERY RESPECTFUL of my Spirit guides. We BOTH have a sense of humor though. They spend a lot of time trying to lighten me up in more ways than one! I am not perfect, I don’t know it all, but am well on my way. Advance apologies on spelling and punctuation mishaps! So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride!

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