Life Experiences

How do YOUR spoons bend?

In my journey to Spiritual Enlightenment, I have learned I have, as my friend Cathy coined for me, “WOO-WOO” powers. I feel like a sponge searching to see what else there is and what I can do! Duke University has a group called, The Rhine. It was founded by J.B. Rhine many years ago to explore metaphysical events. Of course, I had to go and check it out.

I felt like I found a tribe of people that also shared similar events and occurrences. It is an open forum – a safe space – to speak of your experiences without judgment. Upon attending the meetings that I could, I heard many stories of different ways that Spirits get your attention to give you messages.

I got wind they were hosting E.S.P. Games! I signed up. I just wanted to know if and what I could do in addition to what I already knew! There were about 25 of us on that particular evening. We were divided into three groups. The first event was Zener Cards. Five different images on non-transparent paper. The reader, shuffled the cards and held up each one. The rest of us had a pencil and paper and we were to use our minds to “see” what the card was and mark it down. If I remember correctly I got a modest amount. Nothing significant. The lady across from me though, got 22 out of 25!

The next “test” was to hold a closed orange envelope and talk about the picture inside. One person was more specific than the rest of us but there were about 4-5 of us that all claimed the same items in a picture. We couldn’t open the rest of the envelopes to see if what we saw in our minds eye was validated or not. I got a few shapes consistent with the picture but nothing to write home about!

The next battery of tests were to to see if we had “predictive” abilities. So there were four stations. We were to predict the pattern lights or sounds or objects to show up. I personally scored the highest out of our cluster and the 25 in the group.

After that, we all were gathered once again into one room. The final event of the evening was to practice SPOON BENDING. This seemed like it was going to be FUN! I had NO CLUE on how to do it but we were given instructions to use our mind energy to command the spoon to bend, then divert our attention for a moment, then come back to the spoon and it would bend easily. It took about 4 different spoons but once I got the hang of it, IT BENT SO EASILY! (see my actual spoon pictures above). I kept the spoons. No tools. It just bent super easy!!

They have a large container of bent spoons in that room. Some participants bent them so easily, and on the first try! Some never could. I was happy that I did it though. I left that night super happy and with my very own GOT E.S.P. coffee mug for having the highest score in one of the events.

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