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Remote Viewing – Did you see it?

One of my dear friends hosted an event at her home one afternoon. I showed up late and was not aware that everyone in the group was to bring a picture of a deceased loved one. Still able to participate though, everyone put their picture into a closed envelope. Elizabeth shuffled them as to not be in any specific order, then passed them out to everyone. Once you got an envelope, you were supposed to feel it and then write down thoughts and images of the loved ones in the picture. How did they die? Messages from them? Impressions of the places they were photographed in the picture?

At this point, I would like to mention that although not scared of spirits, I was not openly inviting anyone to connect with me. I have my own spirit team and those were the only ones I wanted to hear from! I just wasn’t ready yet. Not sure what it would feel like. Not sure of a lot of things. That being said, I feel I blocked the information about the PERSON that was in the picture, but the picture of where they were at was fair game!.

I wasn’t holding my breath about knowing anything. A few people got things right. Where I found MY strength was, in seeing WHERE these people were at! So one person had an envelope of her parents on the courthouse steps after they got married. What came to me, was two large pillars, and bricks behind them, with stairs. When she opened the envelope and read the items, my location attributes were correct! There was also another person there, who’s Aunt was in a large field and there was like a cliff behind her. I saw the land around her and the cliff. Not the person.

Another thing for me to check off my list! Remote viewing!

A few months later, there was a speaker at a local spiritualist group location on remote viewing. She was FASCINATING to me. I sat front row, notebook and pen in hand! Her presentation was very intriguing to me! She spoke of the FBI contracting her and just giving her a random file number. She then contacted a select group of people to help from around the world, only giving them the same file number. Each person would focus their energy and relay their findings. She was never told what or who or when. She said she never was told if she was right or not. On occasion, the government or special forces group would inadvertently let her know how and if her findings helped them in their quest. She spoke of missing children. She said she could see them being abducted and see their the child’s eyes what was happening. (I decided at that point I couldn’t do THAT kind of work!!) . She also has been contracted by large corporations to look for flaws and or evidence of things and events. She mentioned that although she was contracted to speak to different people, she often would find out many things not pertinent to the original quest and would not relay the information out of privacy.

The first half of her talk was over, but she gave a file number to those in the audience and invited us to focus and see what information we could, come up with. I was excited! My first “case” (lol!!) I calmed my breathing and focused on the case number and wrote down and also DREW what came to my minds eye.

I actually had quite a few things come to mind. I drew out some things, and then went on the break myself. Upon the continuation of the talk, the speaker asked if anyone wanted to give a go at what the picture of the case number entailed? Well, LET ME TELL YOU, my hand shot RIGHT UP.

I was chosen first. I looked at her and told her I saw a mountain, it looked like a mountain in Bora Bora to me, but it was a mountain, I also saw sand or a path, I an infinity like picture and glasses and a few other things. She then went around the room with the most stoic expression on her face. I was trying to read her body language. There was maybe less then ten of us that attempted out of all the people in the group. She then proceeded to show the picture. IT WAS A MOUNTAIN WITH SNOW ON IT along a road. Myself and one other person were the closest!

Now, I was plum proud of myself for being so close! Although at first I discounted my findings, but after further thought I didn’t. MY PICTURE/SYMBOL OF A MOUNTAIN WAS BORA BORA. Just because there was snow, vs. sand did not make my picture of a mountain any less of a mountain! What also fascinated me even further was the next few pictures and stories she talked about. One was a missing man that had GLASSES ON HIS HEAD. There was another picture that had the affinity shape in it. I not only got visions of the case, but future items in slides this lady used.

Am I perfect at any of these or can I snap my fingers and make it happen instantly on command? NOT YET. There in lies my journey.

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