Stacy: Finding what was lost!

I have a personal friend that I will call Stacy*. Stacy* and I have a long friendship and have each been a source of support for the other off and on since we have known each other. It’s one of those friendships you could just say the hard, raw, truth and get away with it. No judgment. We all need a few friends like that. One with a blanket permission slip of sorts. She is one of a handful of those friends of mine.

So Stacy* wanted a Channeled reading. The fact that we both know so much about each other makes it difficult to differentiate what I already KNOW vs. what channeled messages are from Spirit. So I asked her to not tell me ANYthing for a month and lets see what comes through.

I met her at her house and read for her. There were quite a few things that were said, but I don’t remember as I am in a trance -like state. She took notes and mentioned quite a few validations of things I was not privy to know. One thing that stood out to me was seeing where her boyfriend lived.

I described the outside of the house but most importantly, that there was a vacant lot to the left and I saw a white vehicle. Part of my message to her was that SOMETHING IS LOST ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PROPERTY.

I asked her for any validation of the messages that came thru and she spoke a few things to me. One of them was about what was lost. She said that her boyfriend had allowed some of his workers to live on his property and one of them had a drug problem and broke into the property. Some things were found missing. One was a gun and one was a ring belonging to a passed over Grandmother. I mentioned that maybe she could have her son go around the property on the left with a metal detector and see if he could find whatever was missing.

Fast forward to a few days later. Another friend, I will call Agent 007* came to me for a reading at my office. Right before I started, Stacy* called me and told me that they indeed, went over to the LEFT SIDE OF THE PROPERTY. They not only found the gun but the ring and they called the police to come and fingerprint the items. I was BEYOND happy! That to me was significant! Stacy* was so excited she had to call me right away, but also let me know that another friend of hers would like a reading as well. Agent 007* heard the entire conversation. I was in AWE.

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