Life Experiences signs

The Vertical Movement

This one goes back a few years. Bought my own place and moved everything in. I was sitting there on my couch watching the Jay Leno on TV and facing the verticals hanging on my sliders to the outside. I noticed that two of them, closer to the end were moving in tandem. Didn’t think anything of it. Maybe the AC was on and blew them? Still watching them. Still moving. THEY-DID-NOT-STOP. Again it was only TWO of the veins, right next to the other on the left side of the slider.

I made an effort to time it. I had not moved off the couch. In fact, I had not moved! I was a good 16′ away. It couldn’t even be from me breathing. I looked at the clock. I watched the same steady methodical movement. Not faster, nor slower. I finally got up and looked at the Thermostat. It was completely off. I was now another 12′ farther away and they did not slow. I took a picture of the thermostat to prove it was off. I took a picture of the ceiling fan to prove it was off. I even went to the opposite side of the sliders and looked at the glass. The slider was closed and locked. The 2 swinging panels were at the opposite end. My movement of the other end of the Slider did not change the pace. Me walking (the only air movement) did not change the pace. At one point I thought about my Aunt that has passed away, could it be her? Could she be doing this?? To me, the rhythmic movement reminded me of a person sitting on a ledge swinging their legs back and forth. I was not scared! I video taped it. Showed it with a time and date stamp provided by the TV. It just kept going. Finally I was tired. I got up and went to bed. CLOSED MY DOOR. I fell asleep. When I got up, I slowly opened up my door to look out the next morning and the exact two veins of mini blinds WERE-STILL-MOVING-AT-THE- SAME SPEED. I took my phone out, stuck my hand out the door and video taped it. I did not know WHO or WHAT was going on, but again, I was not scared. I left the house entirely. When I came back they were STILL moving. If I remember correctly, it ended up being around 18 hours strait. I knew a spirit was in there doing it. The question was WHO?

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