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Ghost Email from 1969??

So THIS happened…..

The back story is that I had been getting a lot of messages about forgiveness. I HAVE TO FORGIVE some people in my life for their transgressions. (More on that in another post.) There was an instance of abuse that suddenly came to mind from a neighbor when I was younger. I have not thought about this instance or person FOR-EV-ER. Not on my radar at all. I decide to look up this neighbor. Why now? Why this person? Spirit gives you nudges at times. This was one of those moments. OF course now that the internet is around, it affords anyone to get their very own JUNIOR INVESTIGATOR BADGE. I put mine on and went to work! Agent 008, reporting for duty!!!

So I am scooting around actively looking to see what and where this person was and my phone dings with incoming email. I grab my phone, and see the above email. Talk about SHOCK AND AWE. Something told me to screen shot it, which I did immediately! Was this a sign from the person that I was looking up??? NO CLUE! I had no idea. So I send this off to a few friends in an instant and start looking around for something that had to do with this person and the date of the email. NOTHING. I did see that the person I was looking up has passed away many years ago. So, what was the correlation of all of this and did it have anything to do with the email???

I had to look this up, but the first email’s came about in the early 1990’s. The year AOL, Prodigy and CompuServe all showed up was 1995. Hotmail didn’t even start till 1996/1997. Sooooooo WHO SENT ME AN EMAIL FROM 1969???


I was certainly intrigued for sure! I found no connection to the person I was looking up. Not the anniversary of their date of birth, or date of death. As I am scooting along, something prompted me to Google JUST THE DATE: 12/31/69. What popped up??? Other people that have received this “Ghost Email”. According to what I have read, others have also received this, some upwards of ten at a time. There is no concrete explanation. Conspiracy theorist claim that there is some sort of computer glitch or some random algorithm/coding that sends this. Sounds plausible, right? Hey, if some computer genius can hack into some major companies websites, no doubt they could create this. What stands to question is why more people aren’t getting them. Only random people at random times. Further more, why ME at the same time I am looking up someone that I’m supposed to forgive, on a completely DIFFERENT COMPUTER???

I picked up my phone to look and open the email and IT WAS GONE. Disappeared. Evaporated into thin air. Was it deleted by accident???? I looked into my trash and it was not there. It simply vanished. The only proof I had was the screenshot I took because I was nudged to.

I find the strong coincidence between this email and my search for someone I’m supposed to forgive strange and also intriguing, to say the least. So many other “signs” show up at times that nothing is that strange to me any more. If nothing else is was quite the conversation topic. It has not happened again since.

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