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Flying by the seat of my pants this year, I have been open to go, do, and see just about anything that I feel like doing. Some for work, some for pleasure. So when my good friend called me from Blue Ridge, Georgia and asked me to come over and hang out, the answer was YES! Have car: will travel. Blue ridge holds a lot of special memories for me and is an old stomping ground.

Before I went, I asked my friend if she would be open to me giving her a channeled reading from Spirit. At the time, I was fairly new at it and needed the practice. She was very open to it. So again, knowing a lot about her, I prefaced our meeting to NOT tell me anything at all as to not influence what might come through.

I threw my stuff in the car and went. It was a glorious drive through mountains seeing once again, places I had been before. Once there at the cabin she rented, we kept the chit chat to surface conversations, and just enjoyed the scenery.

We sat down to do the reading. I always (as of right now) channel Spirit with my eyes closed. I do not want to be influenced by body language, or reactions to anything that I may or may not see. I went through my routine to get started and all sorts of information came out. I asked her for any validation.

We both agree that since I know her, we both agreed that some of the things mentioned could be because of our knowing each other. Then there were the things I had NO CLUE of knowing. Spirit mentioned her Nephew. She then told me of the strife he was going through. I also had no way of knowing that information as I have extracted myself from all social media. THAT was further validation to me.

Part of my present routine after a reading is to have the sitter shuffle a deck of Angel Oracle Cards and pick a few. She shuffled, putting her own energy onto the deck, and drew three cards. She looked at them and said OH, YOU TOLD ME THIS, and looked at where she wrote about it in her notes. This happened with all three cards she picked. Feeling that maybe the deck is possibly rigged, she asked to see the rest of the deck. I gave it to her, respecting her desire to see and validate. After verbally confirming that a good many of cards did NOT apply to her, she took the cards she choose as being meant for her.

The visit was relaxing and fun and we had many laughs and fantastic conversations. One afternoon during one of our talks, we sat in the living room of the cabin on opposite couches. We noticed that thermostat light kept coming on. No one was walking in the room for a very long stretch of time. Was it motion activated? No one was moving. We had been sitting there talking for at least 30-40 minutes at that time. The air wasn’t on. The fan wasn’t on. We weren’t and hadn’t been moving. Suddenly the picture on the wall on the stairs above FELL OFF THE WALL. (see actual picture above) Let me tell you that my friend JUMPED! I just looked. The picture was on the wall held by two nails. Somehow I knew it was someone in Spirit with us making themselves known.

Another thing that happened while we were all playing games, the light over the table seemed rather dim and suddenly got significantly brighter. My friend and her son were shocked because they couldn’t figure out how to even get it to be brighter and had the day before tried to replace the light bulbs to no avail!

The screened porch overlooking the mountains was inviting and amazing. The owners had a string of lights that zig-zag’d across the patio. On my last day, I got up early to watch the sun rise and say my prayers, the lights came on. I told my friend that it was a nice touch that the lights were on a motion detector. She vehemently that they were NOT on motion detectors but in fact on a remote that was in her purse inside the house.

Needless to say, that confirmed to me even further of happy Spirits around.

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