Symbols: The over the shoulder boulder holder

As I have progressed in my journey, the subject of symbols and meanings have come up quite a bit. When I first started meditating, I was seeing pictures in my mind but had no idea what they meant. This led me on a journey to figure it out. First thing I did, was order a book on symbols. It was by another medium who took the time to tell you what all her signs and symbols were and what they looked like. This made perfect sense, right? I got the book and read it and saw all the things she wrote out and the thought of memorizing this book seemed daunting! I put the book away.

As I continued to meditate, I saw things like, Rosary Beads, a coffin, a sleeping lion, and weird but distinctive signs. I started a notebook to write down what came to me. I wrote the words of some pictures that seemed obvious and drew out what I could see, but not yet explain. I was noticing that along with my pictures and words, there was a message that seemed to formulate. I had NO CLUE what the messages were about. I just kept writing them out. This was FASCINATING! Of course at times I pat myself on the back having an a fantastic imagination, but if I had control of my imagination, would I not be in control of the content for which I imagined??

Attending more classes, the statement “CREATE YOUR OWN SYMBOLS BOOK” started coming up. It was like a buzz-phrase for me that stood out. It finally occurred to me was that what YOU think something means and what I think something means, often, is very different. For example, a sleeping lion to you could mean, literally, a lion is sleeping. It could also be a symbol of someone powerful not looking because their eyes were closed. It might also mean that although sleeping and looking docile, once they wake up and are aware, they will once again be fierce and strong. Possibly the representation of the the sleeping lion is a metaphor for someone that is going to be waking up into a strong and powerful leader. Your perception of the event is colored by what is going on in your life as well as the filters of your experiences. It doesn’t make anyone right or wrong. It did make the need for me to come up with my own list of people, places, things and objects. HOW? I had no clue. Pictures were coming fast the more I meditated. MUST. FIGURE. OUT.

There were pictures of things I drew but had NO IDEA what they even were!! So on a nudge while out one afternoon, I suddenly went to a Barnes and Noble. Seriously, it wasn’t planned but it was like, PULL IN NOW! I walked in and in the breezeway and to the right was a display of books on gardening and to the left a display on history. Normally I just walk past them but my eyes were diverted to a single book at eye level on the end. ONE LONE BOOK…. on “SYMBOLS”. It had no correlation to the subjects on display. It was the ONLY book on it in the store. It was on sale. It was MINE. That is most certainly an example on how Spirit can move you into place for whatever their need. I took a picture of the display to tell my friend how this transpired.

THIS BOOK WAS (and is) FASCINATING. It has ancient languages, Hebrew and Latin symbols, numbers, and signs. I knew it was for me to decipher what these strange pictures I was drawing meant. I think the best part was that there were pictures to compare my crude drawings against. I found out a lot of things and others made no sense. I just felt like I was on the right path. Not making sense of, or if there was any messages, but I was thoroughly entertained to see what I drew and what it meant.

As with Spirit sometimes, when there is a strong push for you to do something, they ALIGN YOU TO DO IT. I knew that my task at hand was to create my OWN symbols book. I looked into Youtube videos for any “HOW TO” ideas, when I stumbled upon a woman showing how she created a book and all you have to do is fill it in. The best part was that it was also organized by different subjects and it had an index. SOLD! Seriously, just by her mentioning how it was organized and indexed made me realize that my rudimentary attempts would have been a rats nest of un-organization at the least!

The book arrived a few days later. Now, I had to fill it out. UGH. I think it is was around 287 pages. I made it my mission to go to the park and fill out 20 pages, every time I went. That was my homework. TWENTY PAGES. I had received a message to do it in pencil as my description and thoughts could change. (I thought that a brilliant idea!!) It was further revealed to me by my Guides, that Spirits on the other side needed to learn MY language to speak through me to pass on messages for them when I was ready. Fair enough!

Do you know how hard it is to put in writing all the pictures you see and work with??? Let me tell you, NOT EASY. Not impossible, just very tedious! For example, if a Spirit on the other side wanted to show you a lunch box, how do YOU need them to show you? Is it a box at a lunch at an elementary school? Is it your Mickey Mouse lunch box you had when you were five with the red handle? Or is it a box of food from KFC you get at the drive thru? They need to know and you need to tell them HOW to show you!!

I was in rare form sitting at the park doing my homework one afternoon, rather slap-happy actually and I came across the word “BRA” to describe. This was a moment that I could not help but channel my inner five year old and giggled at all the things I could write. Is there political correctness rules on the other side that I need to abide by? I decided to find out. I wrote in my symbols book under BRA: OVER THE SHOULDER BOULDER HOLDER. (also) A TORTUROUS DEVICE CREATED TO PREVENT MEN AND WOMEN FROM STARING AT YOUR CHESTICLES.

A few days later in my meditation, the message came thru that they are happy about my efforts in filling out the symbols book and many are having a good laugh at my description of BRA, on the other side. I was not asked to change it! My description stays! I was happy I could make them laugh!

Shout out to my friends that helped me describe some of the words I struggled to interpret!


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