Getting Schooled signs

Pssst! Wanna know a secret?

I am now, channeling Spirit. I have graduated to the next level. Not the TOP level yet, just a few steps forward. I am learning ALLLLLLLLLL sorts of things. Frankly, its pretty darn cool!

I just want to point out that the words and phrases that come through me are mostly not my language. I have spoke words I have literally had to LOOK UP to know what they meant, let alone spell correctly. Its’ been rather fun in doing this, I might add.

When I first got to this point I was writing every word they said, one by one. I always close my eyes, so I was using my fingernails to hold my pen against until the next word came through. Let me tell you I had messed up many-a-manicure doing it this way. A few friends told me I should just record what comes through and then write it down after. So, OK! I do that now and it works. I am still hand writing out what is told to me in a notebook. To date, I’m now on book three, thank-you-very-much. I will graduate to typing eventually, as a friend of mine has, but I am not there yet.

Being a channel for Spirit is like being at the adult table. You hear all the GOOD stuff! That being said, I feel like have become privy to a few secrets along the way, some good, and some bad.

First of all, I have NO IDEA what is going to be told to me. I just talk, and don’t remember when I am done. Ever talk to a friend and they say ‘THAT WAS REALLY GOOD! CAN YOU SAY THAT AGAIN?‘ then not remember a thing you said let alone how you said it? That’s what it is like. When I am done writing, I have comments and statements from them. Not just on one subject but MANY subjects. I have mentioned to a few friends that its like they have “Spirit A.D.D.”. Having a gem mine of information on subjects and people, I have taken to writing the persons name or subject in the margin for quick reference.

So what pray-tell am I being told? Um….. well, I will tell you that I feel like Spirit TATTLES on people. Some things good and some bad. If I get a message for one of my friends, I will send them a text ‘MESSAGE DELIVERY!’ and repeat what I was given. I want to disclaim that I am not excluded from this either. I have been called out many-a-time personally! I get no free passes in this!

I hear happy things about people, and heard future paths of others. Those by far are the fun messages to pass on. Then, there are the “other” ones. (insert dramatic music for affect here)

I have been told a lot of secrets. They are not MY secrets. For example, I have heard that someone close to me has a child they know nothing about. They are going know soon. I have heard about true heart desires of others in love and about their marriage. I SAY NOTHING. I just write all this down. If someone mentions something to me, I have proof. Anything that is validated I highlight.

I had about a two week stint where I was told about a few pending deaths, and HOW it is going to happen. THAT had me asking a lot of questions. Ethical questions. I do not think I am GOD. I do not control FATE. Nor, am I the only one that does this in the world! So that has me asking questions! Do I say something? Do I not? I mean, technically I have ZERO PROOF until it happens, right? I don’t get dates or times. Just know who they have told me about and how it will happen. So as I was showered with this bit of information, I had to ponder the thought of what, and if, I say ANYTHING. Seriously, how does one handle this?

So, I was driving to a meeting at the Rhine, for the monthly Psychic Exchange Group meeting and was seriously trying to wrap my head around knowing this kind of information. What is my responsibility? Would “I” want to know??? (maybe??) I mean, seriously, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. No one can cheat death. I’m just concerned about those left behind. So I am now talking out loud as I am driving. Literally asking out loud, (As if my Spirit guides are all buckled into seat belt’s)


Let me tell you, no sooner than those words came out of my mouth, that a car pulled up next to me on the highway with a perfectly placed bumper sticker on the back right side rear window ” RESIST“.

INSTANTLY, a full belly laugh erupted from me! Good Lord, I had TEARS running down my face. It was a full blown ‘CANNOT STOP LAUGHING TO SAVE MY LIFE’, belly laugh. To quote Jeff Foxworthy, Here’s your sign!

You see, if you look around, most of the time you get the answer. Seriously, Spirit speaks to you ALL-THE-TIME. Bumper stickers, license plate, words in songs that SUDDENLY come about, are all signs. You just have to look!

I did have one more question though for my Spirit team later before bed. Why tell me if I wasn’t supposed to do anything about it? (I think it was a fair question!) The answer they gave me was they wanted to see how I felt about getting the information and what I would do about it. I would like to think that I passed the test. After all, they are still telling more secrets!



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