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Divine Help- Be Like Jane!

Let me tell you about Jane*, who is my friend Stans’* mom. I met Jane* many years ago. She was a tiny but mighty lady. She just, knew her stuff. She was a protective nurturer as well. I gravitated to her as one of those energetic people you just wanted to sit with and talk with when you could. I will never forget one afternoon visiting her house with my boyfriend at the time. (boyfriend and Stan* played football together and were good friends) She was in the kitchen cooking and said she would be out in a minute! Stan* and my boyfriend started chatting about the last game they played in and I noticed that Janes’* Maltese puppy sleeping in the corner! I was so excited! I crouched down and started calling the dog to come over so I could pet it. After the second time calling for the sleeping puppy, Stans’ eyes got REALLY WIDE and whispered to me that their dog had passed away and that was the taxidermy version of it. Now, MY EYES got really big and I don’t remember saying much for the rest of the visit. Ah, I digress.

As time passed Jane* got sick with throat cancer. I will never forget checking in on her to have her say she had some of the BEST DOCTORS, as they wrote her a prescription to eat Snickers candy bar and drink beer to try and put back on weight! Despite how she felt, she made an attempt to keep things lighthearted.

Eventually her time on this earth had ended. As a mentor of mine, it was hard for me. It was hard to see her physical body without its soul, but it didn’t stop me from talking to her. I knew that she was around. She was just finally free of the pain that plagued her body, and free to eat as many Snickers candy bars as she wanted!

The time came for Stan* and his wife to sell her house. The contacted me to meet and make the proper arrangements. Her house was immaculate. It was in a great location and I was honored and grateful to help. The first week I had listed it for sale, I had an open house. I set out my signs, turned the lights on, stood in the middle of her living room and talked out loud to her.

Jane*, Stan* is ready to sell your house now that you don’t need it any more. You took such good care of your home and I am asking for your help to bring in someone that will love and care for this as much as you did.

I then sat down, pulled out something to read and waited. A short while later, there was a car that pulled up. Another agent and her client came in to look. I answered the questions they had about the house and the owner. The buyer really loved the house and they went back to the office to write up an offer. I was excited! The offer they presented was negotiated with Stan* on the phone and we had a deal. Cash, close in a week!

I closed up Janes’ house, turned off all the lights and again, standing in her living room said a heartfelt THANK YOU to Jane* for her assistance.

The next day I needed to get some of the formal paperwork initialed by Stan*, so I made copies and highlighted the areas that either needed initials or signatures. That’s when I noticed it. The buyers, initials. G.O.D. I just STARED. HOLY CRAP! HOW COOL IS THAT?????? I looked at the buyers full legal name and sure enough, her initials were G.O.D.

I took the paperwork to Stans’* business and told him that I prayed to his Mom asking for her help, and she did indeed, help! (first people that looked, cash, close in a week, no contingencies) I then showed him the bottom of the contract. You could see his eyes light up and he ran to the back to show his wife. His Mom had again, touched him as well.

The closing was seamless. Jane’s gorgeous home was now in the hands of a new owner that loved and respected it as much as she did. The buyer came up to me after the closing and said that she could feel the great energy in the house and that I was a good soul meant to do great things. There was an undeniable feeling, complete with goosebumps, that it was not only a message from her but from Jane*. Goosebumps don’t lie.

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