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Hogwarts Course 2-Final

October 27, 2019

What a week! I actually am referencing a written list created for the 2nd half so I wouldn’t forget anything. Thus, these are random experiences and observations.

MEDITATION: You know, I’m getting pretty good at that part! Every morning everyone would meet to do a morning meditation after breakfast for thirty minutes. The first few minutes when we all were quiet, you heard a symphony of gurgles and squeals of everyone’s breakfast digestion. There were a few times that collectively, our group would seriously fight a fit of uncontrollable giggles. Ever have that moment? The one that you were SUPPOSED TO BE SUPER QUIET/SERIOUS – and you can’t contain your laughter? THAT WAS US. Ultimately though, I swear they would start and thirty minutes would evaporate and we were mentally back in the room.

GROUNDHOG DAY: Just because you were dying to know an update about the couple wearing the same clothes, I will fill you in. YES. For eight day strait they wore the exact same clothes EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. No one ever knew if their luggage was lost or not. What we did find out is that the husband was suffering some type of mental illness and could not be left alone at all, so his wife brought him to the course to wonder around during our class times. He has some memory issues. Possibly the same clothes were meant to help the husband by remembering who she was.

WHAT YOU PRESENT VS YOUR SOFT UNDER-BELLY: Boy, this was so real for me this week in more ways than one. We all have this…. ‘persona’ we present to the world. It is a version of ourselves depending on what is needed at the moment we interact with others. Ever see the meme ‘you never know what someone else is going through, so be kind‘? THIS WEEK was a perfect example of that for me. As we got up to give messages to our fellow classmates from their loved ones, inadvertently, many of us were brought to tears as our wounds and trials were exposed from some of the most endearing messages gifted to us from our loved ones in Spirit. There is a lot of love and appreciation from the Spirit world all the time. Each message unfolded a layer of our true self that no one knew about. In a way, the Spirits were reaching out to say WE KNOW YOU ARE HURTING and WE SUPPORT YOU. What we learned is that if you are still upset about something or were triggered by the message, it was a notice to work on letting go and releasing the pain associated with the occurrence. Easier said than done!! We are all a work in progress. Explains why there were multiple boxes of tissues around the room! I certainly used my quota. Guess what the college is getting for Christmas??? MORE TISSUES!

STUDENT DEMONSTRATIONS: Each night, a few students volunteered to stand up in front of fellow peers and deliver messages from their loved ones that have crossed over. I did platform work in my group but did not in front of the entire class. I was the MC for a few of these. I channeled my inner ‘Vanna White’, introducing my classmates. It was very interesting to watch the variety of ways messages were presented. I know I want to have energy and humor in my delivery. Some were like the Energizer Bunny. Fast talking, fast pacing – back and forth, like a passionate lawyer presenting their case. On the opposite side of the spectrum were some so still and quiet from stage shock. I watched the audiences’ reaction to the different ways evidence was presented and took note of what I best resonated with. I also learned that there were, also, pre-planted “body-snatchers”. People that, no matter who could identify the evidential information, ALSO FIT THEM. Some sat in front of you with arms folded across their chest- presenting a very closed person. This practice was intended for us to learn to dig deeper and find something unique to present – like a memory. For example: GENERAL INFORMATION: I have a woman that is here and she has grey hair and was hunched over with a cane. UNIQUE: I have a woman here, and she is sharing with me the memory of you playing bingo together using pennies as markers, at the wooden kitchen table, and a dog knocking the table over scattering everything.

LAUGHTER: Some of the extra fun demonstrations were those with language barriers. They acted out a word they did not know! I gave them so much credit for their effort!! My roommate acted out a chipmunk because she did not know translate it and had us all in stitches! It could easily have been a game of charades at times. Rest assured, it lightens the mood quite a bit to laugh with the medium. There were more over-the-top moments where the demonstrating medium truly felt and grasped a strong personality of the Spirit. Holy hell – we had so much fun with that! Meena, in my class got up and presented a Spirit that had REALLY big breasts, her back hurt and compensated by walking funny and was chain smoker. We were doubled over non-stop laughing. I was called out by a dear, deceased friend, who said that she see’s me eating a lot of chocolate lately at my house. Everyone looked at me to validate the information I must have looked like a deer in headlights – talk about being OUTED IN FRONT OF THE CLASS!! I just looked at the Medium and said ‘I MAY OR MAY NOT BE ABLE TO RESONATE WITH THAT STATEMENT!’ We laughed so hard that day!!!! It was awesome to use the tissues to dry up tears from laughter. Message received and delivered! (P.S. — I’m out of chocolate!!)

KINDERGARTEN CLASS GRADUATION: The course administrator put our collective class into sub-groups of like-experience, to enhance our abilities based on our skill level. Fair enough! We were all there to learn. Some in our group that were actively practicing mediums and were there to enhance their abilities. We called them the ‘seniors’. Like some of those in that group seemed like they were going on TV in the next few weeks! There was a group that was more middle of the road but still actively working. They had mad skills. Personally, a lot of us saw no difference of the Seniors being better at all!!! Then there was my group I endearingly called the Kindergarten class. In my group we certainly could do just as much as the other groups, but we had questions about techniques that would have probably bored some of the more seasoned mediums. Our teacher, Sally, was amazing. She told us that she truly felt that we were just as good as the seniors she observed if not BETTER and she was so proud of our accomplishments. We actually all agreed! We took a group photo together, exchanged email addresses and phone numbers to keep in touch.

CEMETERY & CHURCH: One day during a break, my lunch table went over to the onsite cemetery and Church. The church was amazing. Built in 1691. Some of the tombstones were 1600-1700 as well. The night before we left, my group went back over the the cemetery to take photos as it is considered a very active spot. You should see the photos! Thick white streaks emanating from a lot of the graves. It was show and tell at Breakfast. Seriously cool! Why did I not go? I needed to rest as I felt run down with the onset of a cold and needed to repack my suitcase.

MISCELLANEOUS: One of the course administrators, Paul Jacobs, was leaving to promote himself on tour. There was a party thrown in his honor one evening which was fun. Of course with the decorations were helium balloons. So before meditation the next morning, I had an audience and spoke the beginning words on helium. Encourage further by an uproar of laughter, I also did my very special camp song GOD BLESS MY UNDERWEAR. I don’t drink, don’t smoke – but I love a helium filled balloon!

FINAL: In summary, it was an amazing two weeks. I learned a lot. I GREW a tremendous amount. The friendships and connections that were made all around the world will stay with me forever. It was like having a slumber party every night. Twelve hour days felt like nothing. I adored my roommates and new friends. My tutors were outstanding for having helped us collectively as a group but also individually. Having also been exposed to other tutors teaching ways, I also know who resonates best for my particular way of learning I understand why so many have gone back year after year. I no longer feel like a new student but a College Alumni. I said it before and I will say it again, HOGWARTS RULES!!





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