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Hogwarts Course 2 Part 1

October 23, 2019

I really thought I had a grip on my emotions at the college until everyone I knew left and then it was starting all over again with course number two.  I had a new course, tutors, roommate, and lodging location.  My inner five year old wanted to go hide in the corner and wait for my Mom because I felt abandoned.  What was wrong??  Seriously I had no clue.  I just felt quiet.  I attributed it to a few things like being overly tired, fresh faces to seek alliances with again and questioning if I had the talent necessary to appease the tutors here?  Rest assured, I pulled my big girl panties up and headed in.

This weeks accommodations are in the mansion. Can I just stop right here and give a huge shout out to Elisha Otis, the creator of the elevator???  I’m not sure if I just lost muscle mass suddenly in a week or my suitcase suddenly gained twenty pounds.  There was in internal agreement that should my options amounted to drag my suitcase up two flights of stairs, I was going to throw most of my clothes out and opt for whatever I could carry up the stairs.  In making that agreement I didn’t realize that I would have been in competition with a couple staying here that have been wearing the EXACT SAME CLOTHES for the last five days.  We question if their luggage is lost.  Its become the GROUND HOG Day seeing them every day.

This weeks course is Mediumship Training.  Its’ very different than last week.  Here are a few highlights for the first half:

  1.  I discovered that the hospital had been used as a military hospital in the past.  I also found out that they built a staircase with the center of it in the shape of a coffin.  Should a soldier have passed away, they lowered him down the middle of the staircase.  Respectfully,– I bet they wished they had an elevator!!
  • My room is on the second floor in a mansion so let me set the stage for you. The POTTY is down the hall.  Your door LOCKS behind you, so DON’T FORGET YOUR KEY.  You are dealing with SPIRITS.  You now have about 30 steps to get to said potty in the middle of the night.  – Hey, I went to summer camp – I GO THIS, right???   Except now you have to actually GO in the middle of the night.  Key? CHECK, Open door quietly? CHECK, walk down the hall….to the potty and realize you COULD SEE A SPIRIT AT ANY MOMENT — WITH A FULL BLADDER IN TOW????  HOLY CRAP.   Let me just say, I verbally chanted going down the hall PLEASE DON’T LET ME SEE A SPIRIT RIGHT NOW – more than I care to admit.   So far, so good!
  • Ghosts of the Past: UGH, this one was/is… well this was difficult for me.  In our class, one of our classmates sits in front of you and connects with a spirit that KNOWS YOU. So Monica sits down and brings forth my step father that died a few years ago.  Thru Monica, he wanted to tell me that he was sorry for the abuse I suffered while my Mother was working the night shift.  If there was a pause button to fast forward I would have at that moment.  I won’t go into details, but he did say thru Monica that if my Mother would have known SHE would have killed him.  Does my Mother know any of this?  NOPE!  I have been told that this is a block in my personal mediumship and I need to heal so I need break it to my mom about how bad her choice in men were.  I would like to formally say for the future, I will only accept Spirits that involve rainbows, butterflies and unicorns.  That reading was NOT fun for me.
  • My TEAM, My Cheerleaders My Family:   I have to laugh about what has happened the last few days.  I am very grateful that I have not know much loss in my life thus far.  The important ones to me are my Grandparents and Great Aunt.  They have been SO DAMN AWESOME this week. So My Grandmother made the first appearance. The tutor was chatting and one of the other students in class interrupted her and said MY Grandmother insists on speaking up and has been “waiting patiently” for the teacher to be done. The tutor urged him to go ahead, Mike looked at me and said: YOUR GRANDMOTHER WANTS YOU TO KNOW THAT THEY HAVE YOUR BACK!  How cool is that????? Another student then said that he got a message of a lot of energy coming in and that 80% was directed towards “MOI”.   I REALLY appreciated it considering that 45 minutes earlier I was standing outside verbally reminding them that they need to step up the help for me this week! Messages sent: Message received.  My Great Aunt came thru with all sorts of evidential things for me and she even called me GORGEOUS.  My Grandfather was my partner helping me with a few exercises today.   I LOVE MY SPIRIT TEAM!!
  • Meal times this week are like the high school lunch room.  We are all comparing stories and trading information, opinions and stories.  We learned that one of the ladies at our table does FORENSIC PROFILING– MEDIUMSHIP.  What an intriguing round of discussions THAT has brought up!  One of the other girls mentioned that she has done TRANCE FORENSIC MEDIUMSHIP a few times.  Although after she could taste the gasoline being poured down a women’s throat during one trance state and another where the subject has bricks tied around her throat and dumped down a well, she said NEVER AGAIN.  Imagine the horror on our faces hearing these stories!!!

We have three days left until this class is over.  There has been belly dancing lessons in the bar.  A elaborate debate about a classmate that has a Ouija board printed on her Shirt – and does that mean she wants everyone to put their hand on her shirt to “get a message”???  We have also channeled our childish antics by watching a patron, commenting on how fabulous his hair was. We have gelled together very well this week and no doubt there will be more antics to report!  Stay tuned!!

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