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Hogwarts Week 1-Check!

October 19, 2019

Week 1: DONE! Holy cow. WHAT A WEEK! The Experimental Trance Mediumship course was challenging at moments but seriously cool to learn. I met some of the most amazing people and had outstanding conversations. The guidance, readings, and tutors that I had were so healing and helpful. I found a side of myself that I hadn’t seen in a very-long-time. I understand things I couldn’t wrap my head around before. I am on the right path and excited about where it will lead me.

Let me tell you again: YOU CAN”T MAKE THIS SHIT UP! The last few days of Hogwarts had a few more tricks to teach and experience. It sure kept me on my toes!

CABINET WORK: This, I had never done before and honestly, like hadn’t even HEARD of. To paint the picture for you, it’s a portable closet. Three sides of a box with the front being open. There is a red light shining in. You sit on a chair and go into a trance state. It’s meant for you to have the opportunity to feel the energy around you since you were encased. AND-YOU-DID. It’s also amazing how your eyes can play tricks – as people blending with spirits, some of their faces appeared to change shape. The mediums observing used their abilities and vocalized what they saw and felt. You could feel the cold swoop in. You could feel, hear and see. It was really- really cool to do and experience. Most of all, to feel the energy you actually have, because it was in a confined space.

Next up: ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENON. The entire class divided up and groups of us went to different places in the mansion. There was a control list of questions that each group asked. Then collectively as a group, added a few more questions of our own. We all used our phones as the tutor asked the questions one by one. Then, we listened to see if any voices came through. No one had anything in OUR group to report but we were encouraged to listen again with earphones. Collectively as a class, a few other groups heard distinctive words being spoken in response to the questions. Once I got back to my room, I used my own headphones to listen and one of my recordings I heard: GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK. Oddly enough, I wasn’t freaked out. I handed my phone to my roommate and she also heard the same. I marked the time down and told my teacher. I am going to hook it up to louder speakers when I get home. My neighbors won’t like it but at least I will re-confirm what I heard!

There was a TABLE WALKING group as well! I didn’t participate in this but I took a video of another students video. The energy of all, blended with Spirit, gets the table to walk and wobble. It really was quite a sight to see how MUCH it was dancing all around! Reminded me of the cartoon Beauty and The Beast!

I did AUTOMATIC WRITING. I have done this a quite a few times before and I feel very comfortable with this. The exercise for class was to pick a random number. Someone else in the room had the same number but you didn’t know who. You were to focus on the unknown recipient and allow Spirit to help you write out a message to the other person from them. NO PROBLEM! Have pen-will write! After, you find the person with the matching number and give them your message. I am still in awe what I write and how utterly appropriate it is for the recipient. My matching number was a lovely lady that was from Germany. She said my message was spot on and I couldn’t be happier. She then gave me the message she received from my Grandmother, who passed away about a year and half ago. Grandma sang my praises for what I have been doing along with other evidential information. I LOVE MY GRANDMA!!!!!

If I could say that there was ONE EVENT that made this week over the top I would be fibbing but this next one was pretty up there. In class, I did a reading for Caroline. We were each supposed to talk about a loved one that had crossed over and build the energy up. After, we went into a trance state and gave any additional messages that they wanted to give. Carolines’ Nan was SOOOOOO warm and had such love! I know I said a few things but it was also the pictures she was showing me. THE EVIDENCE that it was her. I WAS SO DAMN HAPPY!!! WOO-HOO! Like you have NO IDEA how happy I was to get confirming message and RECOGNIZE THEM! (My homework before class paid off!!) I was soooooo happy about this! Caroline then did the same for me and MY GRANDMA came thru again. I so love my Grandma – and I say that in present tense because SHE IS STILL AROUND ME ALL THE TIME! The message I got was so awesome but one of the coolest things is that she let it slip that I WAS HER FAVORITE. SHHHH!!! Don’t tell my cousins!!

This morning was hard. The course was over. Suitcases were packed, Hugs were given. Email’s were exchanged. I had to part ways with some of the most AH-MAZING friends as they all packed up to go back to their part of the world.

I am still here. WEEK TWO AT HOGWARTS!!! Stay tuned! New tutors, new content!


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