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Hogwarts Life

October 16, 2019


I am here and having a blast. Trust me,its work but its work I like. We have 106 people in the class right now. I am team Gryffindor.

Everyone is from everywhere. Not kidding! ALL OVER THE WORLD. I am sooooooo enjoying the accents from of my friends. In fact, I am having a hard time deciding on which one I want to duplicate as my very own! My roommate speaks Italian with a French influence. I find ways to keep her talking so I can just listen to her passionate verbalization. Then there is Michelle from Dublin. OMG! I had her just talk trash and swear as I recorded her. She is a blast. Then of course the Downtown Abbey dialect of England itself — WOULD YOU LIKE A SPOT OF TEA??

They are 12 hour days here and they go by in a blink. Let me just say I am so happy that I finally got the hint of resetting my internal clock to do this. I would be a zombie should I had not heeded Spirits warning. (Hallelujah and Amen!)

There are so many cool things I’m experiencing. One is the greatest feeling of acceptance for me. There is unwavering amounts of support here. I have barely been able to blink, so I will just highlight some of the really cool aspects we have had the opportunity to try.

Spirit Art: Sounds simple right? Hey, give me some finger paints and a wall and I will paint you a lovely picture! NOT! We all showed up to a grand room in this mansion and settled into a seat at the table. We were all given blindfold and IMMEDIATELY the joking started about it being a “50 Shades of Grey” type of event. We were then teamed up and given pastels and paper. One of us went first and we listened to whatever Spirit gave us to draw and did it. You let them guide your hands. My partner for this event was like freakin’ Picasso. My jaw just dropped. I told my Spirit team that they needed to step it up as I was pretty sure my skill level was still at a 3rd grade level. (My guide, Jean Paul is a painter so I had high hopes!) But alas, blindfold in place, I saw the pictures in my mind that Spirit wanted me to attempt and my fingers went to work. Now it was no Salvador Dali, mind you but I was pretty pleased! I drew a rose and some other pretty cool things! After we were both done, we were to give a reading to the other one based on the picture. I got rave reviews! She read my picture and I was shocked how accurate she was. My picture is securely in my bag to be displayed on my refrigerator. I am giving Spirit a STAR!

Next up was Spirit Photography. Admit it, we have all done it. You aimed your camera into a cemetery to see anyone that has passed away or at the least, an orb showed up in a picture. So imagine 18 of us in a group with flashes going off trying to catch spirits in the Sanctuary. At one point it seemed like strobe lights. We were all seeing spots. The only thing I spotted in my pictures was my shiny forehead, and something that resembled the Grinch. They said sometimes it takes a while to come through, so I will keep looking.

Another event was trance healing. Now, I don’t know about you but the idea to help others to heal as well as myself sounds pretty darn cool. So we sat for a few while a random person in the class comes and sits in front of you. Without seeing, you give a message meant to help heal to pass on.

Thus far, one event that I fumbled with was — and you might laugh — TELL THE OTHER PERSON HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE. I’m going to preface this by saying I do not lack of self confidence. So, hear me out. This was a different spin. I don’t know about you but I do not go around saying, “HI! Got five minutes? I need YOU to know how GREAT-I-AM’. HEEELLLLLLL NO! NOT-ME. So, I go first. I’m thinking I GOT THIS! ——WRONG! Two minutes in and I was running out of things to say. I ended up floundering. The best I could come up with around the three minute mark was that I can make great sandwiches! I was in complete AWE how I knew I was a good person, yet could NOT come up with five minutes worth to tell someone that didn’t know me. Then Ava, my partner went. She is mid 20’s and was so amazing at not only what she said but that she was sooooooo attune to what she KNEW WAS WONDERFUL ABOUT HERSELF, I told the teacher I wanted to be like HER when I grew up! I think what hit me the most was that I should have said everything she said — and I didn’t. I WAS everything she said — yet couldn’t remember it. YUP! I had work to do. If you think it is so easy, try it. Then again, maybe its just me.

One more thing I will address before I sign off for the night. You would THINK if you are in a class of 106 mediums that you could get the inside scoop on things, right??? NOPE! (insert 5 year old stomping feet, arms crossed and pouting face) To me its like sitting in the middle of an electrical field but nobody letting me have electric. Frustrating at times for me is, there are times that Spirit will hide things from you so you go thru the experience. Its about the journey TO the answer, not the answer itself. They just want you to know that they are there and to just TRUST. Well, trust me I have tried a few times already. No one is spilling the beans yet! I will keep trying!!




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