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Hello, I am a Deck-o-holic

Hello, My name is Buyer, and I am a Deck-o-holic. It has been four days since my last purchase. (the crowd replies: HELLO BUYER!)

Some of you will relate. Some of you won’t. Regardless, I love a good deck. They come in all shapes and sizes but I gravitate towards the ones that fit comfortably in the palm of my hand. After handling quite a few, I have noted the ones most appealing to me, the ones with a smooth glossy finish that slide easily when shuffled. {NOTE TO SELF: Dumping corn starch onto a non-glossy deck to make them side better does NOT work!!}

I love decks with character. I adore colorful, artistic pictures that sometimes make you think a little deeper. For example, Ciro Marchetti has a deck called Oracle of Visions. It is Victorian Carnival and theatrical images. No message is written on the card so you look at it for the symbolism. Sometimes, the message is obvious and sometimes it is the little images in the pictures the tell the truer story.

Decks speak to you. Your intuition about the deck seeps into your concious. I typically don’t buy a deck unless I see the deck in person. It has to feel right. It needs to appeal to my creative side as well as my intellect. The meanings of the cards individually and collectively have to stand out to me in some way, shape or form. It’s a feeling I get holding them. Energy. Buying a box of cards without being able to open or see the image just seems wrong for me personally. I have picked up many decks based on popular names and they just don’t resonate with me.

Most often, each deck will also come with a complimentary book that goes along with it offering individaul explanations of the card. Trust me, there are days that I am NOT in a contemplative thinking mood and I need to get right to the heart of the matter. This also allows you to maybe see a deeper meaning of the card which you might not have given thought to. Think of it as the Cliff Notes to a card.

I started many years ago with the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. It was my desperate attempt to understand more about a relationship I was involved with that I could not make sense of. Goodness, I still have a hard time with that deck but as time has gone on, I don’t care how you spin it- THE TOWER CARD IS NOT A GOOD CARD. (I have had a few try and put a positive spin on that card to no avail. Then, some have literally slid it under other cards to avoid talking about it) Sometimes you know the message is literally and figuratively right in front of you but you can’t see it. It’s hard to do a spread for yourself. At the time, it seemed my rose colored glasses were superglued to my face for some reason. (‘No the TOWER CARD just has a small crackin it, and we can fix it!! NOT!‘) So I have put that deck away and pulled it out more times than I care to admit. It is still a goal of mine to truly understand the deck further, but bigger projects are on my plate right now.

I eventually graduated to ORACLE DECKS. *Ahhhhhhh* I found my happy place and have settled in quite nicely! My private addiction. LOVE-ME-SOME-ORACLE CARDS. I love the messages that they offer. Some people say that when you get a deck you should look at every single individual card and get a feeling for it. If I looked at the deck in person and it resonated with me, I personally didn’t need to look at every individual one. I saw what I needed to see and if it resonated with me, I was happy. Kind of like when you went to buy an album, cassete tape or CD, years ago. I had a rule that if I liked at least two songs, I would buy the album. Same with the decks. Should I see at least few that I liked, I would buy it. I prefer it is a surprise if the card is needed to be seen by me.

Everyone has their own routines to get a card from the deck. I shuffle them and ask for a message from my higher self or something that the Spirit world wants me to know. I will ask for three cards. HO-LY Cow – how scary accurate they are some days. It is their chance to be up front and just tell me what I need to know or work on. It avoids many hours of guessing, or trying to look through rose colored glasses instead of seeing the clearer picture.

I don’t always like the answer. Spirits don’t care if I don’t like the answer. They still tell me. Some days I channel my inner, mouthy, five year old know-it-all and point blank tell my Spirit Guides. To my surprise (NOT!) they will give me the same messages until I pay attention and/or correct it. Once I do, they leave that subject alone. Regardless, it is done out of love. Just remember that there are no accidents or coincidences. You are meant to see and receive any message you get. I have had days where I look at the card don’t want to deal with the message and put it away. Guess what? 68 cards in a deck, shuffled, split, shuffled again, and the next day I WILL GET THE SAME CARD. I have switched decks completely and will get a like card on the same subject. In fact, I have mentioned to a few of my friends that I have thought honestly about marking on the book page exactly how many times the same cards surface. If nothing else, it plants a seed, (or a thorn), until you address what you are avoiding.

THEY ARE VERY RARELY BAD! Ever tried to put the pieces of a puzzle together? Ever seek a further explanation of a path you should follow? How about the answer to a question? Admit it, some days it would be nice if someone would just tell you. No guessing. No wondering. Then, some days you just need a hug, a word of encouragement or a pat on the back. Oracle Decks offer me those. Regardless, I seek the unique expressions and words offered by the decks I have choosen for my personal growth. Each one to me is exciting and new. They help me. Often times, it is not what you say but how you say it that means the most. There is no cookie cutter rule for these decks. I get exactly what I need in the way I need to hear it.

So back to my addiction. In one year, I may or may not have aquired an embarrassing amount of amazing decks. I seek the unique and profound. I love each and every one in their own way. Every trip, I take a few with me. I also seem to bring a few more home. My collection grows. I don’t have every deck memorized. It feels new every time I open them. It may not be John Wayne collector plates, but they tell a story. My story.

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