What’s Up Doc?

Occasionally, I get nudges to give someone a reading. I feel compelled to at least offer and if that person is open, I will spend time with them relaying the information that is meant for them.

I have a friend, and co-worker, Mary*. She is by far one of the most sweetest and caring people I have met in a long time. The more I learn about her, the more I am in awe. In business, Mary* and I work well together as our outlook and philosophy are in alignment as to how we handle things and treat people. She has been an Angel for me. Today, she told me I was an Angel and there was a reason I was put in her life.

For a while now, I have been getting nudges to give her a reading. Timing hasn’t always been right between our schedules up until last week. I was sick when I came back from England, but finally feeling better, I again got a nudge to speak to her. Someone on the other side was anxious to speak to her. We arranged to speak over the phone this past Sunday.

I was able to bring through a gentleman that meant the world to her and wanted to speak to her. After giving her all of the evidential information I had been given, she validated everything and then told me her story. Their love story.

This was the love of her life. She called him ‘DOC’, because of his profession. Everything in their lives clicked. When he fell ill and passed away, a part of her died as well. Their happily ever after was cut short. Through the loved they shared, Doc would now and forever be the bench-mark relationship for which she will gauge future relationships. It was understandably gut wrenching for her.

During our conversation, I told her that HE IS STILL AROUND. YOU JUST CAN’T SEE HIM! You see, your loved ones will show you a sign if you don’t already have one assigned for them. For many, butterflies, pennies, feathers, rainbows, and birds are the sign. If they show up in your path, you know it is from them. Mary* had not heard of ASKING FOR A SIGN. So, I explained that Doc would be willing to prove to her that he is indeed around and watching over her. He would show her a sign if she asked him to.

We then chatted about what signs were, how they can show up as either a word or a picture. Also, how to make them unique. For example, don’t ask to be shown a red rose around Valentines Day. That is way to coincidental. I encouraged her to ask for a sign that if presented or shown, there would be NO QUESTION, it was for her from him. I also suggested that she create a deadline. She said she would do this.

Fast forward to today. I had the urge to reach out to her today to discuss a business dealing we have. After the business conversation she said I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING. She said that after our conversation this past Sunday, she asked Doc that if he was indeed around her, could he show her a PINK BUNNY in a word or picture, before midnight on Thursday. She then told me she looked at EVERYTHING. She looked at t-shirts, commercials, social media and listened to words people spoke. No one said, or did she see ‘PINK BUNNY‘. She was loosing hope. She wondered if maybe he wasn’t around.

She went to bed last night, as usual. Suddenly something woke her up around midnight out of a dead sleep. She bolted upright and looked around to see why. The dog was peacefully sleeping on their back not disturbed at all. She got up to look out the window and see if there was a noise or disturbance. She saw nothing. Fully awake now, she turned on the television to hopefully help her get sleepy again. She joked that since she was up that she might as well turn on the Hallmark Channel! Then, a commercial came on with the ENERGIZER BUNNY. She stared at it — THIS WAS INDEED A PINK BUNNY! She said she had never seen this commercial at all, ever. Then, the bunny walked off the screen, stuck its head back onto the screen AND WINKED AT HER. She said she sat there in awe! Did that just happen???

She admitted that it freaked her out a little bit. She was indeed, fully awake! Then, she had a feeling come over her that, DOC WAS WITH HER, SENDING HER HIS LOVE AND THAT WAS THE SIGN FROM HIM. He proved to her that he was indeed there watching over her, he heard her request, and gifted her the sign she requested — even if he had to wake her up to show her.

I will tell you that while she was starting to tell me this story, I had wave after wave of goose bumps — which is my conformation sign! It was as if Doc was also with me again saying THANK YOU FOR HELPING! I was grateful!

Mary* told me that for the FIRST TIME SINCE DOC DIED MORE THAN TWO YEARS AGO, SHE FINALLY FELT AT PEACE. She knows now, that he is around her still. She feels comforted in a way that she hasn’t been able to feel since he passed. She thanked me for helping her get to that place.

Personally, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I am so happy and just wanted to share. I had to laugh, as we were ending the conversation she said “YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!” ….. I agree.


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