What do your numbers say??

Three white plastic dices in a row on brown wooden board background. Six sides cube with black dots. Lucky number 555.

Anyone remember talking Pig Latin??? That once upon a time covert language you spoke with your friends so adults around you didn’t know what you were saying???

If you didn’t or don’t remember, here’s how you do it: Drop the first letter of any word, add it to the end of the word then add an ‘AY’ . So for example: CHICKEN SOUP would be in Pig Latin; Hickencay Oupsay. Frankly, at the time, it took very little effort to do it but it allowed you to get away with saying things around your parents. Today being out of practice, it feels like a long lost language from ancient history!

Now? I speak numbers. Numbers and combinations of numbers truly can tell you at the least, some basics to help you on your journey. Numbers are everywhere. These are the repetitive numbers you see on license plates, clocks, televisions, phones, calendars and numerous other areas just ripe for the seeing.

Number-Speak, started during my awakening period. Drove me nuts, too! It started when I was having a spell of grief and despair over events going on in my life. I kept seeing a certain time on the clock. I also kept seeing this same set of numbers suddenly, and so repetitively that I could not, NOT pay attention any longer. That started me questioning the meaning of these numbers. I finally figured out that it was my Great Aunts’ Birthday and that she must be around. That gave me comfort. Every time I saw these numbers, I would just say HI to her.

So, THEN we were on to a new set of numbers. ‘911‘. Let me tell you THIS FREAKED ME THE HELL OUT. We are programmed here in the States to dial 911 for HELP. If that is the case, why are my ANGELS showing me 911??? Like, seriously, what could I do on an earthly plain to help them in the spiritual plain???

That all made me question if it was a warning of things to come. EMERGENCY GOING TO HAPPEN -WARNING!! ‘911’ . I truly tried my darnedest to ignore that number. True to fashion, the more I try to ignore something they want me to know, the more they make SURE I see it. Even if it irritates the pants off me. Once I get it thru my thick head, they will lay off. Anyway, during my divorce, my Grandmother had passed away. Even being in a completely different state for her funeral they still showed me 911 repetitively. IT-WOULD-NOT-STOP.

Ever just hit the wall? I was already somewhat at that point. I had no energy to figure out on my own what 911 meant. My heart and soul were hurting upside down and backwards and all day on Sunday. All I knew in my world was that 911 was not a good sign. At that point I was grateful for the warning but was to tired on every level, and in every way. I felt my choice, at the time, was to walk in front of the proverbial bus and just get it over with. Just hit me with whatever this emergency was and be done! I ended up going to get a reading and surprise of surprises the number was not a bad thing. I am sure they felt the panic in my energy regarding the number as I sat there. Relieved and still slightly hesitant, I tried to think more positive about the number meaning but needed more information.

With the slightest amount of relief lifted off my shoulders, I was lead to do research on the number 911. I also started looking at other numbers and realized that there was meaning to other numbers! There were other sets of repeating numbers that I was aware of that suddenly spoke a message to me. Not as scary as 911 was to me at the time but alas, I was now learning a new language of numerology or as I coined how I look at things – NUMBER SPEAK.

I also was counseled to discuss with my Angelic team what I want a number sequence to mean. Angels will work with you. It’s a language between you that will help you hear and see things. I was now on a quest. What do I want these numbers to mean to me vs what does GOOGLE say???

Obviously there is an infinite amount of number combinations out there. I started out with the basics numbers of 1-10, in sets of three or more. I also gave thought to what number sets I continually saw and resorted to checking out the opinions of others. That lead me to create and adopt my own meanings.

Once I had some of the basics down, I had a talk during my prayer time to let my Angels know that if they put certain numbers in front of me, I would accept them to mean certain things. I also told them that I don’t like massive changes to hit me up side the head so if they could WARN ME, I would greatly appreciate their cooperation.

So now, I have this little Angel language going! It’s certainly not like sitting down with a cup of tea and chatting, but it has been very helpful! It’s like reading basic statements translated from numbers. This was at least a step forward! Now, we’re talking!

MY NEMESIS is the number 555. I truly have a love-hate relationship with that number. The number 555 is my number of CHANGES COMING!!! Ugh, again, it is presented to me well in advance of upcoming changes (again, because I requested it). Sometimes it has been so overly put in my face that I wondered if a house was going to drop out of the sky! Does it always mean bad? NO! Do I always think of it bad at first? YES! (I’m being honest here!) Do I like changes? AS LONG AS IT IS ME MAKING THEM ON MY TERMS – then YES! Do I get that kind of control – HELL NO!

Another number that I have a hard time with is 222. See, I gave the 222 the definition of “GO WITH THE FLOW…..and for my fellow scuba diving friends; DRIFT DIVE. For those that don’t scuba – there is an underwater current that will literally just take you. You can swim against it but you ultimately will still go where ever it takes you. So basically, just go with the flow and relax. It’s going to take you forward whether or not you want to. I have a hard time with this number for many reasons. What does going with the flow mean sometimes? NO CLUE sometimes. Undoubtedly I over think this number more than anything.

Combinations of number sequences have also been a factor I had to take in. Over the course of the last few years, I have learned is that if my Great Aunts’ Birthday shows up along with 555, its a warning to me that some change is going to come about and its going to scare me/make me feel uncomfortable but SHE IS WITH ME. For that I am grateful for! Knock on wood, for a long time now that combination hasn’t happened!

The TRIFECTA is when my Aunts Birthday shows up with 555 and 222. I am so grateful to KNOW and be warned, but at times, I have wanted to go hide in a dark closet until ‘whatever-is-going-to-happen’ passes. This has only happened a few times thus far.

The standard repetitive saying I keep hearing is GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UN-COMFORTABLE. So much easier said, then done. I get uncomfortable with 555, a LOT. Is it always bad??? NOPE! In fact, a lot of times it is great! I am truly an optimist at heart! I do tend to think of the worst case to be prepared. Gratefully though, I see my other numbers showing up. In knowing their meanings, I know I will be fine.

Number-Speak to me is like Angel Text messaging. Quick bursts of information to be aware of. I don’t have to think much about what they mean any more. Like any language, the more you use it the more fluid you get. I see the number, know the message and then have to wait to see what it pertains to. Should a new number combination arise, I will assign it a new meaning based on what is going on in my life. I would urge you to work with your own set of numbers and see what messages you get. Can’t be as scary as 911 — which, by the way to me means: BE THE EXAMPLE, not the emergency.



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