Life Experiences signs


Actual Picture of the Mural

Raise your hand if you have you EVER just wanted to pick up your life and START OVER. Not know where – but just to GO? Fresh start. Fresh perspective. NEW. HEY! ME TOO!!!!!! Guess what? I could, so I did!

Once upon a time not that long ago, I decided to do just that. Divorce was final. I needed to just BREATH. HEAL. Get *ME* back – but also figure out who this *me* was. There was light at the end of the tunnel and I wanted A LOT MORE LIGHT! I had no idea where I was going to go. Ever just fly by the seat of your pants? You know, one of those moments that you don’t have an exact destination but just GO? This was one of those moments. I had three states that I wanted to investigate.

I got on the computer and gave thought to my new and improved list of non-negotiables’. Like Santa, I was makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice! The list was divided into needs and wants. I got my newly acquired maps out and looked, viewing things from the big picture standpoint. Based on all the traveling I have done, I needed to see what resonated the most with me and just listen to my gut. Not that I knew what that feeling was exactly. My left-brain business side kicked in and I was able to look, research and at least have a game plan. My list comprised of the state, cities, and addresses to check out neighborhoods in. I consulted a few trusted friends about how they knew about big decisions and I was told YOU WILL JUST KNOW. UGH. What the HELL does that mean???

ROAD TRIP! Have-car, will-travel! Off I went. I put some tunes on and started driving. ONWARD, JAMES! I have read, and seen the movies where people have done this. I knew I could do it too. Wasn’t exactly sure HOW, but, (those of you that like Chris Farley from SNL will understand this), if I had to live in a van down by the river, I WOULD.

I covered a lot of ground in just two days. When you know, you know. I looked at apartments, the surroundings, and decided if I felt safe or not. I was making swift progress but decided to call it a night in one city in North Carolina, outside of Raleigh. I secured my sleeping arrangements for the night, did some work remotely, and planned on starting fresh in the area to check out the addresses on the list. Liking what I saw in the city, I had a good feel for the surroundings and moved it to the top of the list.

I put out to my Angels that if this was a place to call home show me a SUNFLOWER in either a word or a picture before I leave the city. The next morning, I checked out of the hotel and stopped to grab a bite to eat before getting back on the road. That’s when I noticed I had a nail in my tire. (insert dramatic music here, DUN, dun, DUN!!) I went to one place close where I was eating and they did not have the appropriate lug-nuts to take my tire off. So, I got on the phone and made calls to other tire places. One said they had what I needed, gave me the address and I said prayers that my car would make the five mile trek without being completely flat.

Driving there was like a breath of fresh air feeling! The trees were all in colorful bloom everywhere I looked. To me, it was like how manicured it is in on Disney property. It was that well kept! Anyway, the shop owners were extremely pleasant and accommodating. They dropped what they were doing to help me and invited me to sit in the waiting room. I FELT GREAT. Everyone was SO NICE! I just stood there and chatted with some of the guys as they were going in and out of the shop area. I popped a piece of bubble gum in my mouth, and looked for a trash can. That’s when I saw it.

The MURAL on the wall behind me is the picture above. Let me stress it was a FULL WALL MURAL IN A TIRE SHOP. Again, a TIRE SHOP. What is in the picture? A SUNFLOWER—- IN A TIRE SHOP. What does a woman holding a basket of SUNFLOWERS have ANYTHING to do with TIRES?????? NOT-A-THING.

Here’s your sign.

I was so overwhelmed of the course of events to show me this sign. Nail in the tire and a tire shop NOT having the necessary tools??? That forced me to find another one that ultimately lead me to the sign I was seeking. It was the ‘YOU JUST KNOW’ along with the black and white, IN YOUR FACE, answer. How could you MISS THE SIGN YOU ARE ASKING ABOUT, NOW??? I felt so fantastic. I had not trusted that gut feeling alone, but I asked for a sign as a back up and got it. Honestly, the only thing more blunt would have been a neon sign!

I found my new home. I ended up staying for two more nights in the town. Made an application to my new apartment complex and was approved. Thru another course of mis-haps I assigned an even LARGER garage than I expected for LESS money. I just couldn’t stop saying “THANK YOU”. I went home, bypassing the rest of the stops on my list, put my house on the market, had two contracts in 10 days, and got exactly what I asked for. My move was seamless.

I was truly grateful. It was meant to be. ASK and you shall receive. Next move! My own house again! Can’t wait to see what signs they provide me for this adventure!!

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