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What you see is what you get

Have I ever told you about my bike? Well, wait until you hear this one!

While I was waiting patiently for the stars to align before I could move, I was listening to various self help type books and programs. I rendered them my own pep squad at times. Depending where I was at the moment was whom, or what I listened to. One of the things that I still listen to on occasion is The Secret. Everyone remember that? Well one of the people in that video discussed putting a vision board together and how he currently lived in the exact house he put on his board five years prior.

So one day, after all my household chores were done, I got the nudge to put together my own vision board. Cutting out pictures and putting them on a poster board was not the problem. What I needed to figure out was what pictures I wanted to put ON this board. That had me thinking, a LOT. Seriously, WHAT DID I WANT? Sound easy? Nope! Not at first.

You know, ultimately it was a question to ponder. I was grateful as it was, with what I had. My Angels were working their magic. I had a roof over my head, my bills were paid, I had clothes in my closet and food in the refrigerator. I truly had the basics. I wasn’t quite sure how to put my desire for sanity from all the stress in a picture, but trust me, I was thinking! The next biggest wish was that ‘time fairy’shurried the hell up and get my divorce finalized. I wasn’t sure what picture to put on my board for THAT request, either. It did really make me have to think a bit. WHAT EXACTLY DO I WANT NOW?

So the rules of ‘Vision-Boarding’ are that you put out to the Universe what you want and VISUALIZE IT. See yourself with the request. When you feel like you are drowning, the things you want and need the most are the things that will infuse air in your lungs and life again. All I could think about was what, and how I wanted the next phase in my life to look like. No more treading water. I wanted to LIVE. It wasn’t just the big picture, but what do the different components look like in this new life?

I found a house I wanted. I had pictures of new furniture, a curio cabinet, a new bike, diving trips to a few different places like the under water museum in Cancun. I also put pictures of specific experiences I wanted to have, like be a part of paper lantern festival and go see the Aurora Borealis. Anyway, I put my kindergarten skills to good work. I took pictures with my phone of things I saw on the computer and sent them to be developed so I had a hard copy. I collected magazines with travel destinations. I cut clothes and furniture out of the ads in the Sunday paper. I got my glue, scissors, and poster board, then cranked the tunes and got to cutting and pasting.

TAH DAH!!! Board is done. I dated it and left it out to look at every day. A few of my friends were curious about what I put on it, but I made no apologies. It was MY vision board. Anyway, a few months had gone by and things were steadily progressing towards my move. I decided to see the dermatologist one last time before I go.

I was seated in the exam room with a very colorful bike in it. Again, IN THE DOCTORS OFFICE EXAM ROOM. I know lots of people are on health kicks so it’s possible that she rode the bike into work. Shouldn’t it be in her office?? If nothing else, it was a great conversation piece! So not her decorating style though. She walks in and greets me and I comment on her bike. She said that it was a gift from another patient of hers. Then she said, she didn’t particularly care for the bike as it was not her style and DID I WANT IT????? …. Yes, my jaw dropped open. (You can’t make this shit up!!) IT HAPPENED THAT FAST!

I said YES! I offered to pay her, but she insisted I would be doing HER a favor to just take it. It is not something she would use and she did not want it. She was grateful but didn’t care for it. She literally helped me put it in my car and off I went. I explained to her that I HAD AN EXTREMELY SIMILAR BIKE ON MY VISION BOARD AT HOME. As a believer herself, she asked me to send me a picture of it. In the above picture the bike on the left is the one ON MY VISION BOARD. The one on the right is the one she gave me FOR FREE — it was a brand new bike. HOLY COW! VISION BOARDS WORK!

I will tell you that they’re currently ten MORE things I have checked off that vision board already. Specific outfits, dive trips to the EXACT destinations, cabin trips, my curio cabinet and more. A few months ago, I decided to do a more updated board with NEW things in addition to my first board. I very specifically cut out maps, pictures, and even wrote a check to cash. The key is to envision yourself with what you desire or wish to experience, then send the wishes off to the universe. Board number two, DONE. They reside on my nightstand so I look at them regularly.

Seriously, who would think that you go into a DOCTORS office and come out with a brand new FREE BIKE???? SCORE! Most places only give you a fancy band-aid or a sucker!

So, I am thinking for a new twist this year, instead of new years resolutions, create a board of what your want to see, do or accomplish. Pay off a credit card? White out a statement and put big zeros and paid in full across it! Be creative! Most importantly, what you SEE in your mind that you already have it! Make it good!





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