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Hello! Is this thing on??

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Underwood Archives/Shutterstock (4437344a) Paducah, Kentucky: c. 1947 An owner using the latest type of radio in a new Chevrolet. VARIOUS

My friend Angie* has been having a pretty rough go of it. I am privy to a lot, but not all, of what she has on her plate.  I was nudged by Spirit to ask a friend to give her a reading.  My friend, Stacy*, is AH-MAZ-ING.  I don’t read for Angie* often because of what I know.  Angie* deserved a reader that had zero background of her and her stresses.  I felt that because of what I know, the messages might be colored because of my prior knowledge.  So, I handed the torch to Stacy* as a favor to me.   Stacy* read for her and gifted to her information from Spirit that she needed to hear.   Angie* was very grateful!

Fast forward two days.   Angie* and I hung out with a few other friends to chat, which ran into early evening.  (you know how us woman can talk!)  So, after we said our goodbyes, Angie* and I opted to grab a bite and chat further.  We bantered with the waiter, ingested libations and ate pizza.  This led to me dripping sauce on my white shirt – seriously what is the magnetic attraction of pizza sauce to a white shirt???  *sigh*  I digress….    Anyway, we continued to chat in the car back to my place.  She ended up turning off the car while we chatted in the parking lot sitting in her car.  No biggie!

I was having a soap box moment about how I think things should be done vs. what Spirit wants done.  Don’t even get me started on timing of events!  Surprised?  HA!  Spirit vs. my Ego – who do YOU place your bets on???  Despite what I know, I still have moments when I tend to push back on the way things are done.  Anyway, towards the end of my rant, I literally threw my hands up in the air and explained that I surrender to whatever Spirit wants!

JUST THEN…. THE RADIO IN HER CAR TURNS ON – which lights up, we both look, and you hear very clearly the words “WE ARE GRATEFUL”—and then IT TURNED OFF, again.  

If it weren’t for well-padded thighs from eating pizza my jaw would have hit the floorboard.  DEAD SERIOUS – We BOTH were extremely wide eyed, mouths gaped open.  We broke out into laughter, in complete shock and awe.  I looked at her and said ‘DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN? YOU SAW THAT, RIGHT?  YOU HEARD THAT, TOO????’  She did indeed confirm she saw and heard everything!!  Spirit being all around us, used the radio at the exact moment and wanted to be part of the conversation to show gratitude. 

We BOTH busted out laughing — I was hooting YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!! HOLY COW!!!!!

Spirit finds a way to make sure you get messages whether or not you want or are ready to hear them.  THEY-ARE-THERE!  Songs on the radio, billboards, license plates, opening books to see an exact phrase and even a well-timed phone call from someone.  They truly are giving your messages all-the-time.  Because I am more aware, I tend to pay attention.  Despite me paying attention most of the time, I am still in shock and awe of all the cool things that happen like it was the first time!  I hope I never lose my inner five-year-old wonder and amazement! Think they will slip me the lottery numbers??

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