Getting ‘The Bird’

Yup! I am getting ‘The Bird’, a LOT these days!! Is it good? Is it bad? Trust me, I WANT TO KNOW TOO!

I have created certain signs that represent certain things. Remember 222 in my world is DRIFT DIVE-GO WITH THE FLOW. 555, is CHANGES COMING!!! My Birthday is my Great Aunt. A Dragon Fly is my Grandmother, and The Red Cardinal is my Grandfather. So lets just cut to the chase. Red Cardinal = My Grandpa. THE END. Right??? Well, if that’s all he did was show up or fly by like he has done in the past, I would say YES! Is that what is happening? NOOOOOOOPE! The erratic behavior of ‘Grandpa’, now has me scrambling to figure out BIRD MORSE CODE.

I have bird seed out on my patio for all sorts of birds. I am used to seeing them come and go. The cardinal, not always. When I see the cardinal, I am pretty happy. I don’t take it for granted. Anyway, I hear the chirp associated with the Cardinal and look out the French door. There, is indeed the Cardinal. HI, GRANDPA!!!!!

The odd thing that happened though is that the cardinal flew to the window pane and TAPPED ON IT, then flapped its wings a few times and then repeated this a few times. I was so in AWE I video taped it for my group of woo – woo friends!!! What the heck does tapping from a Cardinal mean, and if it’s my Grandpa, WHAT IS HE SAYING???

Anyone know Bird-Morse-Code? Anyone? Anyone? BUELLER? (Ferris Bueller’s Day off reference for those that don’t get it) . The Cardinal flies away after doing this for about two minutes and then COMES BACK AND DOES IT AGAIN. This happened a total of FIVE times. Not at any specific interlude, either.

Ok, lets just call a spade a spade, here. Same bird knocks on window, big deal! Well, it is to me. This my sign for my Grandfather. WHAT IS HE TRYING TO TELL ME? Was it all nice taps? No. Some of it was franticly flapping his wings. I am trying to figure it out. Is it a warning? A message of THINGS WE WARNED YOU OF ARE HAPPENING!! Maybe: GET OUT! Hopefully ED MCMAHON IS COMING TO GIVE YOU A CHECK FOR A MILLION DOLLARS! Not sure. No clue. Maybe he wanted to come in and take a bath? Hang out with me while I worked? I had NO CLUE! All I did know is that, Grandpa was making a pretty big production!

I asked my Mom her thoughts. She thought maybe the Cardinal was seeing his reflection? Wanted to come in because it was cold? OK, interesting theory! So, I went outside. I saw ZERO reflection at all based on how the sun was positioned. I even added more bird seed thinking that maybe he was hungry. I still had no idea’s.

Well, ‘Grandpa’ has been back repeating this pattern off and on for ABOUT A WEEK NOW. SOMETHING IS UP. I decided to turn to DA’ GOOGLE for further explanation.

The Cardinal Totem and spirit animal information states to listen to my intuition. It is often associated with people that get out there and get things done. (That most definitely is MOI. This past few weeks, I have embarked on a new adventure). The symbolism states to be VERY CLEAR WITH YOUR INTENTIONS. Also set CLEAR AND INSIGHTFUL GOALS. It also warns to be careful of your thoughts and what you are manifesting, and gives permission to start those projects you wanted to do.

I agree with all of it. The question is why the urgency of the Cardinal repeatedly coming to my same window over and over again?? I still feel that the franticness and frequency mean something. I decided to be EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAR about the root/bottom line of what I want. AHEM! HERE YE, HERE YE: I want to continue to be happy with no drama. Elevate my internal peace even more. I want to see signs and signals with clarity for my chosen path. –Seriously, I was in shock of all the super clear things that I stated. Where did THAT come from? My 2020 Motto is ‘MY VOICE, MY VISION’. I stated the facts. At this moment, I’M GREAT!

Grandpa is STILL visiting. He is truly adorable in what he is doing. I am truly grateful for whatever messages he is trying to give me. I’m paying super close attention to my dreams and any messages I am receiving. I even went back and read a lot of my channeled messages and got further clarity on a few things. Maybe, that WAS the message! Regardless, when Mother Nature makes such a profound presence in your life, pay attention to what you feel, see, and what is going on in your life. It most certainly is a piece of a puzzle you can NOT ignore!



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