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Night Shift Angel Messengers & Catching Your Dreams

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I don’t know about you, but I have days that I wake up tired from sleeping! Who knew? My active brain does not shut down.  When I sleep, I dream. In fact, I dream a LOT.   So much so, that I feel am a walking storybook when the alarm goes off!

I never paid much attention to my dreams in the past other than to relay some funny part. Then I realized certain things happened that seem to coincide with what was going on in my waking moments. Ever have a Deja vu moment??  That is the feeling like you have ‘DONE THIS’ before…. and chances are you have!  IN-A-DREAM.  It was happening with me a lot! So I started REALLY paying attention.  GAME ON!

Ever have a very profound dream?  You know the ones you will NEVER forget – something about the dream really sticks out.  On occasion, I do.  MANY years ago, (before I was even aware of all of this) I had a dream that my youngest son fell off a roof.  SCARED-THE-CRAP-OUT-OF-ME!  I saw the house, I saw what side of the roof he was on and all I could do was watch. (I was an observer) As a mother, it was NOT something I wanted to see. I felt helpless.  So fast forward to TODAY – Guess what he does right now while in college?  WORKS ON ROOFS.  Think that doesn’t scare the ba’Jesus out of me??? It does, EVERY DAY.   I told him of this dream years ago and he remembers it to this day.  (yes, make Momma happy and BE EXTRA CAREFUL, baby!!!!)

Never mind the interesting/concerning stuff.  There is also the FUN stuff!  Dreams SO WILD, you doubt anyone could even make up such fabrications!  Goodness, Hollywood should be so lucky to hear what goes on in my dreams sometimes!  I feel some of my stories should come with warning labels and disclaimers!

How long is a dream?  Some seem really short, don’t they?  Yet, others seem never ending.  I have had a few that I was not fond of. Basically said ‘PEACE OUT‘ and woke myself up.  Whatever was going on, I didn’t want to handle it or it was unpleasantly dragging on.  I made an “executive dream” decision and said, NOPE-NOT DOING THIS!  In doing so, I learned (which may have been the point?) that I have more control to dictate the events in a dream or that I can work through the events presented to me.  Do I remember this when asleep? Nope!  Not aware of it at the time when I sleep.  I DO have a sleep app on my watch.  It tracks my heart rate, marks when I am lightly sleeping and also when I am in a deep REM sleep — aka “dreaming”.  It’s fascinating to me to see that I was only asleep for 15-20 minutes but did SO MUCH in my dream!  

Of course, l resort to DA’ GOOGLE and various dream books to help make sense of the symbols and events I recall.  It’s faster at times for quick reference – or when I don’t want to think or analyze. (I’m sure there is some 12 step group for a female that DOESN’T over-analyze for five minutes!)  On rare occasion, the explanations I read make sense, but remember, the person writing it is basing it on THEIR life experiences and interpretation, NOT YOURS.  So for that reason, find the one that resonates the best for you.  I have yet to find that one-stop, “GO-TO” place of constant reference. Again, I look but I take it with a grain of salt.  

Prompted by some reading over the years, realized some REALLY COOL STUFF about my dreams!   Why?  ‘CUZ I WAS ON A QUEST TO FIND OUT!  (you can too!)  Here’s your homework!  Before you go to sleep, make it your intent to find out the answers to these questions:

*  Do you dream in color or black and white?

*  Are you an OBSERVER of your dream or are you a PARTICIPANT?

*  Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror IN YOUR DREAM?

*  Have you ever had an experience that felt SO REAL it was like you were actually awake only to have your alarm go of and realize you were asleep?? 

*  Have you ever FLOWN in the air or SWAM under water

*  Have you been aware that you’re having a dream IN A DREAM?

*  How about going back INTO a (hopefully) good dream (wink wink nudge nudge) after you got up to use the bathroom?

Again, if you want to know the answers to these questions, set your intention before you go to sleep to KNOW.  Lucid dreaming is wild information!  So, let’s assume you have the answers to some of these questions.  COOL! You get a STAR for paying attention to those details! WOO HOO!

What about the BAD DREAMS like, FALLING, running thru the woods NAKED – being in a house on fire, etc.  I can honestly say that ‘I’ have not had or been plagued with bad dreams like some have. (Knocking on wood as we speak!)  I suggest (as do I) pay attention to the story lines and symbolic messages IN the dreams and try and piece it together. These are probably the ones you need to call your friends in for a consultation of the meaning.  I admit it can, at times, be like the game of CLUE to figure out!  (Colonel Mustard, did it in the Conservatory, with the Candlestick!) Rest assured, there IS A MEANING TO IT.

VISITATIONS:  We need to talk about visitations from those that have crossed over.  ITS THEM!  Talk to them if you can. Many times they just want to give you a message of love and support you might not be aware of in your conscious state.  When you are sleeping your ego is out of the way you will be more receptive.  Say Hi or think about how you feel.

What was that dream again???  In my own personal dream recording, I have discovered that infusing my lungs with oxygen in the short distance from the bed to the potty is enough to make me forget.  Yup, my brain will “delete, delete, delete”.  Therefore, I have trained myself to speak out loud the word, picture or theme the minute I wake up until I can record my recollection.  As fast as a dream may appear it can also DIS-appear.  So, how you record your dream is up to you.  I have written a song lyric, phrase or word on a wipe board.  If it’s a story-dream, personally, I talk WAAAAAAYYYYY faster than I write.  Therefore, for me, the effort to get pen, paper, turn on a light, prop the pillows up and then try and write, well, by then the dream is mostly gone.  I have met a few people that this works for.  So do whats best for you!  For me at first, I bought one of those little recorder devices.  Unfortunately, that required one more electronic device to be accountable to. No, no, and oh yeah, NO!  Frankly, I’m trying to be less plugged in to electric and more plugged into to life!  My latest trick for recording said crazy-night-movies, is to TALK AN EMAIL to MYSELF in my phone, hit send, and go back to sleep. This works even if you have to whisper! (if your significant other catches you just tell them you are asking Jake at State Farm what he is wearing! LOL)  This not only saves it but also gives a time and date stamp.  I now am the proud owner of a book of night stories.  I print them off and put them in a notebook. Interestingly as well, mostly between 2AM and 5AM!  How ‘bout, THAT! Eh?

BUT I DON’T DREAM!”   Some of you swear you don’t dream – whelp, I hate to tell say it but you DOYou’re just not remembering it.  HOW can you remember?  ASK!   Before you go to bed, just say out loud or silently that it is your INTENTION to you remember your dream or the KEY COMPONENTS/SYMBOL as you are waking up. Please make them clear so I remember them!’ That way when you wake up, SOMETHING should stand out.  Here’s the big part – no matter how obscure the thought or image is WRITE IT DOWN/RECORD IT.  You don’t even have to know what it is!  (‘it looked/seemed/felt like [blank]”) Put it off to the side – you don’t have to analyze it until you are ready. Trust me, if you don’t, it will EVAPORATE.  To enhance the opportunity, some people will put a crystal under their pillow or by their bed.  Four that help are; Amethyst, Quartz, Hemimorphite, Herkimer diamond.

What the heck does all of this story-images-signs in a dream mean?  Whelp, I decided to go to a few Dream workshops, watch documentaries, and read.  What I learned is that dream deciphering is a PERSONAL job.  Your dreams are meant for YOU.  Its’messages, information and clues to things you need to know about, confront, deal with, or enjoy.  (I opt for the JUST ENJOY!)   It does make sense though.  You can also drag in your closest friends to the local bar to decode your outlandishly wacky dreams. Get their opinion! They KNOW and care for you.  They can often be the voice of reason, pointing out the symbology to what you have going on in your life.  If you don’t want to share, know that there are dream forums where you can submit your dream online and GQ Public will tell you what THEY think it’s about (again colored by THEIR experiences).

Does that make me an expert at my own dreams?  NOPE! Not yet!  I AM getting better, though.  I know that my Spirit guides and Angels are giving me messages in my dreams.  I think I hear the request the most when people read for me – “PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DREAMS! WE ARE GIVING YOU MESSAGES!”   Yeah, Yeah Yeah!!  Ah…. If it were only that easy to decode them.  See, I like the K.I.S.S. method.  Seriously, I would love it if they would just say: GO TO THE MARKET AND GET BREAD, THE END.   Do they? NOOOOOOOO!  To me at times, my dream messages are the equivalent to dumping a 1000 piece puzzle in front of me. (I dream that much) I SAW all the pieces, but DID-I-PAY-ATTENTION to them all?????   Probably not, but hey, there’s always tonight’s dream, right??

I was talking with someone last night and the subject of SEEING A CLOCK in your dream came up. I have never looked for or at let alone been aware a clock. NEW QUEST!  He said he HAS seen a clock. He looked at it once and saw the time. Then glanced back to recheck what he saw, and discovered and noted that it was MANY hours later. Time does not exist in the dream realm.  Ever take a snooze and feel like you just saw an entire movie in a dream to wake up and realize it was merely 10-15 minutes?  Yup!   So that’s my new challenge to see a clock.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  SWEET DREAMS!

Tiger Eye Tree of Life Dream Catcher  -OkieCharmDesigns -Etsy*

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