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MOUNTAIN: Float Around vs. Climb – THAT Is The Question!

I have a group of “Woo Woo” friends.  We get together and practice mediumship, trance-channeling, oracle cards, intuitive psychic readings and of course encompass all the ‘Clairs”.  We each practice whatever modality you want to personally work on at the moment.  It is a safe place to try, strengthen, and get feedback of our different talents.  So, during one of our more recent practices sessions, we teamed up to exchange readings. I gave a reading to them and they gave a reading to me.  My grandparents came through.  Ok, this was the perfect time to strait up ask if I should not put any more effort into my given career in my new location (aka ‘Climb the Mountain’) or just change lanes and be a channel for Spirit (aka FLOAT).

My Grandma comes in first.  She is one of my biggest cheerleaders as is my Grandfather and Great Aunt.   They were making my reader laugh as they brought their humor and personality through.  Grandma applauded me for all that I have been doing.  My Great Aunt came through to pinch my cheeks and call me beautiful.  Then, my Grandpa comes through with his humor funny quips as well.  I always record my readings for future reference.  Part of this reading went like this:

Did your grandfather pass away? (YES) He just came in and stood next to your Grandmother. (HI GRANDPA!)  He is just there to let you know that he is there if you need him.  Was he a big guy? (SAME SIZE OR TALLER THAN GRANDMA).  Is there anything you want to ask?  (IS GRANDPA DOING SOMETHING WITH THE RED BIRD?  IS THAT HIM?) He is showing me pecking at the window early in the morning to get your attention – he is laughing.  (YES!)  Does he have a sense of humor?  (YES!!  IS IT A WARNING? OR TO SAY HI?) I think he would have told me if it was a warning but it’s just to get your attention. (HE’S DOING A GREAT JOB!)  He says “that’s how we like to work on this side! That’s going to be my signature bird from now on” he is coming in stronger now.  He said ‘don’t worry about any guy or anything – he knows you have concerns but let her know I will be there!’ (WELL SOMETIMES YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE, GRANDPA!  YOU DON’T NEED TO BE THERE FOR ‘ALL’ THE STUFF!)  He is so funny!!!  He’s saying, “Well it IS a thin veil!!” That is SO FUNNY!   But as you know they can’t see!  He put his hand behind you and says HES GOT YOU – wait, HES GOT YOU, ‘GIRL”, is what he is saying.  (CAN I ASK THEM A QUESTION?)  Sure! (IS THE CURRENT WORK PATH I AM ON FLOATING AROUND THE MOUNTAIN OR CLIMBING IT?)   Climbing or floating?  They are saying you’re going THROUGH it – it’s the image they gave but they all want to say YOU GOT THIS. They told me there’s flowers on the other side if it makes you feel any better!! Your Grandfather is a stitch!  Your grandmother is trying to be really sweet.  But there is sunshine on the other side!  It’s great they are funny!  They say you have the strength and perseverance to go thru anything – you have the will and the strength! And your Grandfathers’ saying, “and you have US on the other side!”  

First of all, Ok, never considered if your Angels, are around that they can see EV-RY-THING?????  (wink wink nudge nudge) I doubt they can…. But then again…. They are everywhere……

Secondly, the answer they gave regarding my career was that I was going THROUGH the mountain.  Honestly that sounded right for how I felt.  

You see, this question about my career had been heavy on my mind and soul.  I felt I knew the answer but jumping meant complete blind faith that all my necessities would be taken care of.  Unfortunately, the stubborn/EGO side of me, that has always done things a certain way, decided to take my innertube with me and THEN try and climb the mountain. 

Don’t you love conundrums? Spirit had been teaming up against my ego/mind.   Trust me Spirit was winning hands down.  I have been trying to get established in my 30+ year career in the new area and having a REALLY HARD TIME (if you know me that is SO unlike me!) Like, I’m not kidding, the more effort I put in, the higher my stress level got.  My gut instinct was trying to talk to me, and I could not shake it.  My HAIR was falling out (seriously my tub drain was clogged), I was gritting my teeth and my jaw was tense! My stress level in my shoulders was painful and caused back issues. My left eye started twitching every time I started heading to the office.  STRESS IS NOT FUN! Frankly, I hadn’t even had this kind of stress since my divorce so it REALLY got my attention!  I attributed it towards the learning curve I was on.  Being the trooper that I was, well, I ignored it one day to long.  I KNEW WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO.  I was just fighting it.   I knew the answer.  I just didn’t want to accept it.  Why? Uncharted territory for me.  I have PLANS doing it “MY” way! – Do things THIS way, get THESE results, conquer THESE goals!!   Yeah, baby!  Here I come! 

There is a saying ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.’ – Let me tell you he should have a hefty bruise, from all the thigh slapping laughter I have given him over the last few months.  This  subject was heavy on my heart. My plans had felt like an uphill battle for me.  Have I point blank asked before?  YES.  What did they tell me?  Well you COULD do your other job if you want – but ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO??? (what happened the YES or NO answer?) Like the other signs I get, if I ignore one, they will keep at it to MAKE SURE I’M PAYING ATTENTION.  That, they did.

I let the thought sit for 2 more days.  Both days the cards I pulled ruminated with my FLOATING path.  I asked other questions and got EVERY SINGLE SIGN INDICATED THAT I NEED TO FLOAT.  (as the magic 8-ball says ‘all signs point to yes’)  I finally said FINE! YOU WIN – DONT LET ME SINK, please.    

I swear to you, it was like a 25 lb weighted blanket was lifted off me.   I prayed – I swear I could hear them dancing and cheering me. (GOOOOOO LISA!!!)  I have to tell you that I felt SOOOO MUCH BETTER -my decision to FLOAT “FELT” right.  That fast, I had resources suddenly appear and are being forwarded to me. My cards were all rainbows, butterflies and unicorns.  They weren’t showing me the entire stream just a few feet in front of me.  My pool float was now on.

Resigning my (fairly new) position and saying the right thing (for me) was important.  I said a prayer and asked Spirit to give me the right words to explain my intention and being there was not the right path for me.   I was honest and I spoke my truth.  She believes herself.  We had a really pleasant chat and she wished me well.  I packed up my office, surrendered my set of keys and left.

I FELT AMAZING.  I FELT RELIEF. There was such a CHARGE in my energy level.  Gone was the heaviness my soul/gut was feeling.  Things were lining up one after the other.  I know I made the right choice for MY SOUL, and MY JOURNEY.  I am officially now one of those people that left a corporate world to follow my dream.    

My dreams and channeled messages are fast and furious right. Now they are revealing the next steps to happen in my future. The entire situation kind of reminds me of one of the last scenes from the Wizard of Oz — paraphrased  ‘you had the power all along my dear, you had to find it out for yourself’.   Spirit cannot make decisions for you or live your life. You have free will.  I had to come to the conclusion on my own.

So right now, I am sitting on my float (new path) – floating. Do I know where I’m going? Nah, not exactly – But I am enjoying the view of the mountain that I’m floating around now.  I don’t know whats on the other side of the mountain, but my Grandfather did say that not only would they be there for me but have flowers.  As long as it’s not a waterfall with rocks at the bottom on the other side of this “mountain” I’m supposed to go around. I think I can handle it. 

Now the next batch of messages are coming in.   To quote them “you have a cornucopia of events that will affect your life coming up” —– UGH!   Is it a waterfall?  Is it good? Is it bad? HEY I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS!!  Is there a seat belt on this float????

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