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Name It to Claim It

I have been told that I am a “Master-Manifester”.  This sounds all cool and stuff, but I don’t think I’m Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie whipping my hair around to make things happen.  I don’t have a magic lamp either- but I am looking for it! (If you have seen it, please send it to PO BOX….. oh never mind!)

So manifesting is pretty much putting your intention (naming it) out to the universe of what you want to have happen, acquire, or see.  Key word is INTENTION.  

I can honestly look BACK and see that I did indeed get a lot of what I wanted…. Unfortunately, some, at a very steep price.  See, before I truly knew what I was doing, or the movie/book, The Secret, I always said – If I want something bad enough “it’s a done deal”. That was my motto.  I have no idea where all that resolve came from other than I fashioned myself a strong determined person.  So things I put my mind to, seem to come to me.  Mind you, not without work, because that’s what we are supposed to do, right?  ‘WORK for what we want’. Then when it comes, (claim it) you often consider it the reward for your hard work and determination.  Although SOMETIMES, it seems more like a crazy coincidence!

I can look back and see many things in my life that I manifested.  For example, as an extremely bored teenager in high school one day, I created a list of things that I wanted in a boyfriend.  I think it had, like, thirteen things.   My rule was that until someone met every-thing on that list, I wasn’t going to go out with them.  Now mind you, what was important to me THEN were things like, designer jeans, name brand tennis shoes, and be athletic-but not a super jock.  Well, guess what I got?  A boyfriend that fit all of that.  I remember distinctly checking things off this list one day.  DING DING DING! He got to pass go, and collect $200.00 – I mean, he got Moi!  (Trust me, my self esteem was not as grand as I am making it out to be!!)  I think I conjured him up or was it a crazy coincidence????   I was a teenager, what did I know?

The next big thing I remember strongly putting my intention to was into was the sex of my kids.  I only wanted boys (personal reasons to long to go into here)  – now mind you I knew DARN WELL that I was going to be grateful, elated, and feel truly blessed with whatever was gifted to me from the Heavens above – but trust me, in my silent prayers I exclaimed and literally BEGGED that I REALLY REALLY REALLY ONLY WANTED BOYS.  (hubby was not on board with this and wanted at least one daughter) Along came my amazing kids, BOTH BOYS.

Did I have some Super-Power? NOPE! Not that I was aware of, but somebody else thought I did though!  A few years later, I shared this “intention/desire/wish” with a former male friend from my old High School up North.  I got back a seething paragraph of ‘how DARE YOU ASK for a specific sex of a child ‘– and a bunch of other MEAN comments. All because I wanted BOYS and “I” got what I asked for.  I was in complete shock at what he wrote.  Like, seriously???  I paused and I gave thought to why he would be angry at me. I think my (unknown at the time) automatic writing skills kicked in. I was soooooo calm about it.   I wrote him back saying that I truly appreciated that he thought I had THAT KIND OF POWER to direct the Heavens above to ONLY GIVE ME WHAT I WANTED.  I reminded him that I was GRATEFUL and would have been genuinely happy with whatever sex was granted.  In my heart of hearts, my wish and desire to only have boys. For that, I made no apologies. I had my reasons.  I guess whatever I said hit home.  He apologized. He also explained that he had a son with a slight disability and was still angry over it.  

Motoring along in life, I put my lofty intentions out to the Heavens above and declared things I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, or acquire.  Mind you, I got quite a few squirrely looks from family and friends.  What I was exclaiming exceeded what THEY accomplished.  Therefore they could not see ME exceeding their dreams.  I never let that stop me. I wasn’t going to listen to what their limited goals where and make them mine!  Again though, I truly didn’t know how it was happening. Just blind faith that it was.  If there was something I wanted, I confidently exclaimed IT’S A DONE DEAL…. ( I guess kind of like my own abracadabra! Then I waited… and majority of the time it showed up!  I was like, HOW COOL IS THIS????  Did I know exactly what I was doing?  NOPE! After a while, the nay-sayers were not so vocal any longer. I even noted a few family members doing more of their own thing than listening to the limited beliefs of the elders in the family, AND SUCCEEDING. I really just thought that everyone did it.  How did I know they couldn’t or didn’t know how?

I want to stress that although I may present the VERY edited version of my life experiences thus far, it has most certainly has not been a cake walk.  Most certainly, there have been MANY lessons along my journey! Trust me!

A big a lesson came at a work seminar in California I went to.  I was having a rough time at home with massive stresses not caused by me, but greatly affected me. My usual happy-go-lucky disposition was fraught with endless mind chatter, sadness, and disbelief.  That spiral of feelings, seem to bring forth more of the same. I would find the smallest glimmer of hope to hang on to, and even that went away.  I was in what seemed like a whirl-pool of never ending quick sand.   I could not pull myself up.  Where had my magic mojo gone? I had zero hope in my eyes.  Feeling beat down and helpless, I welcomed the break of going bye-bye.  Being more like a body filler than a participant during the seminar, something this speaker said, truly resonated with me.  Suddenly my soul shown a glimmer down a potential path to get my happy back.  I remember going back to my hotel and furiously writing out a plan.  It was even broken down into how to get myself back up again with positive affirmations. Then, what I was going to do next and how it was going to happen. The FIRE WAS LIT, and my passion was resurfacing with an infusion of hope I hadn’t felt in a long while. I wanted my happy back. So, I named it.  You see, I realized I had given my power away.  I realized I had surrendered my fate to circumstance to manifest for me.  I was treading water waiting for the wind in my sails again to just appear.  I realized it was MY JOB to put wind in my OWN sails.  After that, things got going again. I was no longer the victim but the victor. I made myself happy and that attracted MORE happy.  Small steps at first but I was grateful for it.  That was a huge lesson learned.  Be grateful and you will attract more to be grateful for!  DON’T GIVE AWAY YOUR POWER!

Lesson two also came along.  You know that saying “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it?”  YUP-PERS! It happens just like that sometimes.  Do I ALWAYS get everything I put my mind to?  Well, yes and no.  There were, indeed, things I wanted that I now can look back on and see they were kept out of my reach.  Did I know it or why? NOPE. To me it just meant TRY HARDER.  (I may or may not admit I am called stubborn at times…) I will admit, I had a few temper tantrums about certain subjects that I wanted REALLY REALLY bad.  Well, I DID get finally something that I, literally, was wishing upon the stars for, repeatedly, day in and day out. I think the Angels were just fed up with me and said ‘FINE!  LET HER HAVE IT!‘  Something FINALLY showed up that kinda looked like what I wanted and I CLAIMED IT! Grabbed on and held tight! Yep! I FINALLY GOT IT, alright!  Having it?  Sheesh, it was like trying to push a car with square wheels thru the Sahara Desert.  I could not understand why it was so-dang-hard when other things were so easy!   NOW? I can look back and see that although I manifested it to happen, it was not meant for me.  Thus the RESISTANCE– which was why IT-WAS-NOT-EASY!   Did it turn out great?  NOPE! Don’t even get me started on this one!   Oh, I GOT WHAT I WANTED alright, along with MANY YEARS of lessons because of it.  So, lesson two was – If it isn’t easy – you better realize that there is indeed a REASON. 

Many lessons and blessings later, along with my faith, I was more cautious of exactly what I was trying to manifest!  Then the movie The Secret comes out and the buzzwords of “manifesting” are more mainstream.  Did I realize Spirit was helping me?  No. I just prayed a lot and found things to keep my energy up.   Happy brings forth more happy.  My job? STAY HAPPY!

Lesson three came along by way of a friend.  A Woo Woo friend of mine mentioned she wanted to quit smoking last year.  She didn’t smoke much, but new she wanted to eliminate the habit once and for all.   Of course, as all of our well-intended New Year resolutions are, she couldn’t quite kick it on her own.   Then suddenly, she got REALLY REALLY SICK – like, she couldn’t breathe without labored effort.  It really took her a few months to rid herself of the lingering cough.  BUT! Guess what? She doesn’t smoke any more.  As our connection with the Spirit world has evolved, we sincerely know that everything happens for a reason.  Thinking how this went down, we realized how involved our Angels are in helping us get or prevent what we are trying to manifest.  Indeed, her Angels helped her when she couldn’t do it on her own. We were eating lunch one day and I reminded her that she indeed got what she wanted.  Trust us, that put us both in check about quite a few things!! We BOTH received a lesson. 

Spirit wants you to think about and consider what you are manifesting and why. They will make sure to put up resistance if not the right thing, time or circumstance. It’s kind of like them saying ARE YOU SURE??  Be aware that bad energy or intention attracts more of the same.  You can’t have bad thoughts and expect great results. It’s your sign to pay attention and hopefully, figure it out.  Sometimes it’s in the form of the proverbial green light or a TON of resistance so you back up. Either way, you can look back at your life and see in the rear-view mirror what was or was not supposed to happen and most times the why’s.

So, of late, I am being encouraged by Spirit to really think about what the big picture is supposed to look like for me going forward. I have been given a great big crayon, and a blank piece of paper to color any way I want.  They want me to think about what I want to manifest going forward.  Jeez, with all the lessons I have learned I am a bit more cautious about what that looks like. Jokingly, they call this part of me “analysis paralysis”.  I used to just DO…. NOW?? Trust me I’m careful about what I want to manifest.

I recently had a run of things I manifested that Spirit put in front of me. It was done so blindly from me that I believe that in itself was also part of a lesson – JUST DO IT.   Seriously, for about a week, I thought it – it popped up! It was like they were showing me how easy it could be again! It was that simple.  Did I know I was doing it? NOPE!  Just random thoughts flew in and around me. Just a small portion of what transpired: I thought about my kids, they reached out to me.  Drove by Dunkin Donuts really wanting a donut but denying myself – guess what was on the counter at the office? 2 boxes of donuts. Thought about a deer, turned the corner on a road and THERE WAS A DEER!  Ta-Dah!!

Ultimately, I know that it was ANOTHER lesson for me to not make manifesting harder than it needed to be. After all, there are also lessons in standing still and doing nothing!  Having had some seriously hard lessons, well, who wouldn’t tread lightly when creating the path forward? I know I am protected and divinely guided.  If it is meant for you on your path for one reason or another, it’s going to appear. You will see a sign.  You must be grateful.  Find gratefulness In the smallest things until you find more.   Like attracts like. Raise your vibration.  So, wish upon a star, make that vision board, say your prayers with conviction, speak to your Angels, Guardians, Guides and Loved Ones. Let them know what you are grateful for and desire.   A lesson or a blessing will result, either way, you learn, and win.  KEEP THE FAITH! 

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