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Double-Talk. What did YOU mean??

Once upon a time, I had a friend that was pretty darn skilled in the art of “double-talk”.  Yep, you spoke with them and were led in one direction by their words.   Never implied it was any different. Suddenly when it served their purpose, they would say they INTENDED it to be another way.  You could not dispute it.  It could indeed, be how they said it.  Once I caught onto this, frankly, it fascinated me.  It almost became a game to figure out all the ways this friend could conjure up the intended meaning.  As curious as I was as to what was being said, I was duly amazed at how skilled they were at doing it. I would watch their interactions with others, knowing their game, and see firsthand what they were doing.   Personally, I came from the school of making sure that you say what you mean and mean what you say.  VERY CLEAR.  Them? NOPE – but I learned that was on THEM.

Holy cow this was a skillful art!  I started studying this friend in complete fascination.  I questioned why there was a need to leave a statement SO VAGUE that no matter what you thought, they were at liberty to say you were wrong.  There was a smugness when they would point the finger at you in blame to say it was how *YOU* took it.  Of course, I realized I could never take what this person said at face value any longer.  They proved themselves masterful in manipulating the circumstances with their intended vagueness.  It was a lesson though for me.  Take what THIS person said with a grain of salt.  ALWAYS.  I bet you have a friend or two like this!

Fast forward to now.  I have wanted so desperately to hang my hat on what I am being told thru my intuition, channeling, and message of upcoming events at FACE VALUE.  See, most always, my messages are exactly BLACK AND WHITE clear. I ask for them to be that way so there is NO QUESTION in my mind! Other messages, NOT-SO-MUCH.  Spirit gives me a message, that to me, is DOUBLE TALK.   Of course, again, it’s MY INTERPRITATION of what I am being told thru the lens of my experiences at that exact moment. I want the puzzle piece of information/guidance they give me to be clearly identifiable, marked accordingly, and explicitly clear so I can go to the next one. That’s when I get the proverbial finger waved in my face going AH, AH, AH!  Always with the follow up question from them…. ARE YOU SURE?? UGH!  WELL….NOT ANY MORE!! (picture me with an exasperated expression)

So why would spirit be so forward, blunt, and exact on so many things but then, give you a “double-talk” piece?  I don’t think there is a text-book answer to this. Personally, I haven’t figured out the official wording just yet.   I admit I have used some *ahem* “choice words” in my frustration at times.   In a blanket type statement, it’s to ‘make sure you are given the notification BUT void of comprehending fully’.  Why?  So you learn to PAUSE, and see how things turn out.  Not only does Spirit want you to pay attention to this piece they put in front of you, it’s also to make sure you become aware that THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PIECE THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!  

As an example: ‘Thru a series of events, you are going to go down the most appropriate street’.  You think, OK! I GOT THIS!   You see a street and immediately think THAT’S THE ONE!  Then you glance around and realize you are at the intersection of 7 freakin’ roads that all look the same.   WHICH ONE IS IT?   AH-HA!  That’s where you HAVE to wait for the next clue.  But, oh, if you become impulsive…..  BOB! TELL HER WHAT SHE WINS!!! (using my game show speaker voice here) CONGRATULATIONS!   YOU GET A LIFE LESSON!   If you guess right? You get to pass go and collect $200 (that was for all my Monopoly fans) See, the key word in this was “appropriate”.   Well, appropriate how and for WHOM?  Was it the easiest road with nothing in your way? Or was the better road one with potholes, and a tree laying across it? How do you interpret what is or is not appropriate?

I will be honest; I struggle with this. A-LOT.  I know the lesson in all of this is to not rush, NOT KNOW, and to wait for further instructions. Spirit wants me to pause.  So, Spirit “double-talks” giving me a puzzle piece that could be implied and interpreted to many ways to count.  I know they are doing this.  Do I still take that one puzzle piece and try fitting it in every conceivable scenario?  YES-I-DO.   Do they give me the answer because I tried really, really hard???  NO-THEY-DON’T.     Ggrrrrrrr!!!!!

Unlike my friend who proved you cannot trust anything they say because of their exquisite skills of double talk, I absolutely trust my guides, although admittedly at times, reluctantly. I also recognize that Spirit does not do it to me all the time. It’s probably why I am aware of it when it happens.  So why are they not uber-clear sometimes? I have learned that they want me to pause.  Pay attention. Wait for the next clue or direction to define what it REALLY means.  Do I like it?  No, it scares the crap out of me sometimes. I have learned so many lessons because I rushed and tried to do it “my” way. There is a reason for the double-talk.  THEY DON’T WANT ME TO KNOW YET.   The harder I look for the exact meaning, the more potential explanations they show me.  My vision gets increasingly blurrier.

The good news is that I recognize the double talk.  When I’m aware of it, it’s an internal struggle to not use all my energy looking for the exact explanation of what I am told.  You know to find an exact fit, of the circumstances at the moment. On occasion, I may or may not give it the ‘ole college try’ and work myself into analysis-paralysis.  Yes, that is when I have not only seen the seven different ways the message could be taken but create five more of my very own!  

I know what Spirit does, is out of love.  They have shown and proved to me more times than I care to admit, that not only do they know words and secret intents of those around us that we cannot, but how to protect us.  There are many moving parts in our lives. Not all apparent at the moment. Some will affect us now and some that will in the future. The good news is, if you practice being aware of the double talk message, you know to be aware of more clues to come forth.  Its only looking back that you can go HOLY CRAP… so THAT’S what those words meant.  More often than not, it wasn’t even CLOSE to the probability you created. (Spirit is sneaky like that).  Just know that they are aligning the other puzzle pieces of your life for experiences and events to help move you where you need for the next chapter.  Until then, pause when you don’t know what something means.  Ask for clues and hints to show you the most appropriate path and keep asking to see the front of the puzzle box!

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