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Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Guess what?? The state parks are finally open in my town!!  WOO HOO! My favorite one has opened the gates.  Discovering this you would have thought I won the lottery.  I was even armed with a new bag of peanuts to feed the squirrels and have not been able to get in to share.  The gates were parted, and I went in!

Requiring my over-due dose of Trees and forest, I decided to set out and get my exercise in with a hike and then my reward would be to feed the squirrels.  (they are quite entertaining!)

I ventured onto a new path almost breaking out into song.  The weather was cool, and the trees have their new coat of fresh spring leaves.   I always take music along to listen to, but I find a lot of times that silence on the walk is just as good.  It lets your mind sort itself out, which for me, lets me sleep better! Mind you, if you would have seen me in passing you would have thought the local forestry service hired me to be a park-greeter.  Yesterday everyone else that was out on a hike, it seemed.  I was doing my job being the vocal and yet social distancing.  To some it must have seemed like I was running for a local office.

So, I arrived at my distance destination before I was going to turn back and saw a big hill to go down if I was going to go further.  What goes down must come back up.  Um….. ‘not today’, said my legs.  I decided to stop and just appreciate the beauty of the woods, shade and trees.  Trust me when I say I’m easily entertained at times!  It was SO QUIET.  So, I decided a “counsel meeting” was in order.  My counsel meetings are me praying outloud and the trees listening. I must say, I have a very captivating audience!  (wink! wink!)

For those that don’t know, I enjoy the woods when I need to talk or make big decisions.  The trees comfort me as much as the ocean does.  Spirit is around me listening to me ramble.  BLAH BLAH BLAH. I wonder if the trees clap and shake their leaves when I leave?  Get it? When I “leave”????   Anyway, when I am there, I just talk outloud.  I know that someone is listening whether I can see them or not.

I would like to think that the trees missed me since my ‘counsel-meetings’ have been on hold.  So, being in a new area of the park, I looked around.  I hadn’t seen anyone for quite a few minutes actually!  It was so quiet and peaceful! I looked to the left and then to the right, then back left again. NOT-A-SOUL.  Not a rustle of leaves.  Just me.  I just wanted to talk out-loud in my prayer-like jabber I do.   Coast was clear. 


Considering I have been warned of some not-so-fun events coming up, I just wanted to say few words asking for divine protection around my immediate family. I then decided to speak to my dear friend from high school (who also is my ex sister-in-law) that passed away, Dorothy.  

Dorothy has come thru to me over different events in the past few years gifting me messages from her and her Mom (whom I never met while she was alive).  When she has something to say, she will make sure I see her name repeatedly, so I pause and listen.  Anyway, I asked for Dorothy and her Mom to please place protection around her niece and nephew, whom were my step-kids regarding concerns I had.  Here is where it got VERY VERY interesting!!!

I want to stress, that this was not a long drawn out prayer by any stretch of the imagination. No sooner than I had said outloud to Dorothy, to ‘please place protection around her niece and nephew’, SUDDENLY THERE WAS A GIRL TO MY LEFT STANDING THERE.  She looked like a deer in headlights looking me as I must have looked at her.  My heart was fiercely pounding but I felt at such peace!

She asked me if I was ok.  I said ‘Yes, I am just praying’. (I felt emotional for a moment as well!)   She said, ‘praying is good’, put her hands together and said ‘I will pray with you if you want’.  I told her I was fine and asked her what her name was.


I instantly had a feeling this was SOOOOOOOO not a coincidence.  I told her I was just praying to my friend, Dorothy at that exact moment! I was racked with goose bumps.  She paused and smiled at me. So, we chatted for a few minutes. A few people and their dogs even passed by us.  She was so friendly.  I felt comfort talking with her.  Finally, we parted ways and I gave her a two-minute head start while I finished up the last part of my prayers.  I looked to see how far ahead she was…. And she was GONE.  


I want to stress that she had on a white tank top.  White stands out in the brown and green woods. She also had a lime green water bottle on her waste band.  Not only did I not hear anything, but I didn’t see anything.  I was even following the same path she was on!  She disappeared as fast as she appeared.

There are no “coincidences” in life.  Things that are meant to be will show up when they are meant to. Sometimes to draw your attention to a subject repeatedly and sometimes when you need an Angelic like presence.  I truly feel that Dorothy made an earthly appearance in spirit to give me comfort and acknowledge my prayers during my “counsel meeting”.  It did not stop me from being in jaw-dropping awe of what just had transpired.  You can’t make this stuff up!

Of course, I still am scratching my head in wonderment. Despite me having these cool experiences my human side still questions things.  I even called a few friends and told them what happened.  They had goosebumps in confirmation. I did speak out and say THANK YOU to her after the fact.

I never sat down to feed the squirrels.  The poor things are probably starving! I was in such a daze that I just headed home.   Rest assured; I am going back.   There will indeed, be more things to discuss now that ‘Counsel’ is back in session!  Wonder who will show up at my next counsel meeting??? 

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