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Allergic To Patience

I was looking for some all-encompassing “Confucius” joke or meme to reflect all the things I have to say about being “patient”.  It is like this four-letter word sometimes in my life!  I also want to stress that I am great at dishing info about it but rather horrible about taking it.

I’ve tested positive… I’m allergic to patience. Mostly. Now, I do have patience about a lot of things, but I AM A PLANNER! I have the skillset and desire of WANTING to work ahead.  THAT’S ALL THIS IS ABOUT- WANTING TO WORK AHEAD.   See, I know that and tell people ALL. THE. TIME.  ‘Let the universe line things up for you.’  (aka BE PATIENT) But when it comes to me????  NOPE, NOPE and oh yeah! NOPE!

Even while thinking of how I wanted to structure this commentary on the subject, Joel Osteen radio show had the topic of LEARNING PATIENCE. (you can’t make this stuff up!!)  He pointed out that when you are feeling impatience, do you notice that you seem to get more things that cause you to have lack of patience??? (YES!!)  On top of hearing that, coincidentally, a clip of the movie Evan Almighty is showing up on social media right now.  If you have seen it, it’s the scene where God shows up to sit with Evans’s impatient wife and says ‘When you need courage, you suddenly don’t HAVE Courage it but you opportunities to be courageous.  When you ask for patience, you don’t suddenly get it, but, you get chances to BE patient.’ 

You would think that being connected to my Angels and Spirit guides that I might have the inside scoop of timing of events so I can PLAN.   Sometimes? YES!  Right now? NOT HAPPENING!  The human side of me is having a battle with this currently.  I want to take care of these unknown things and events RIGHT NOW and the Spirit to me is saying — IN A MINUTE, I’M WATCHING THIS SNAIL TRAVEL ACROSS EUROPE!


Now in some ways being void of patience is a (seriously this just came to me while I am typing this) a form of anxiousness. (Oh, I can see my Angels clapping their hands for me!)  Me WANTING to get things taken care of AHEAD OF TIME, under my terms, is so that I’M in control and know the outcome. (jeez, can’t we all just play by my rules?)  So, say it with me, ‘when you are anxious about something you are not present in the moment’.   What-ever!  Blah blah blah.

I just live with the premise that if you work ahead you have more free time!  Like getting the grass cut and the laundry done BEFORE the weekend allows you to have more free time to do FUN stuff, RIGHT????   So, when I am aware that things are coming up and I want to get them addressed and be prepared, WHY-CANT-I?  When I do practice patience at times, I feel like a procrastinator!

Inevitably… when it IS time for you to know, is almost ALWAYS when you will have no time or patience…. Coincidence?  I THINK NOT.  Perfect timing to teach you a lesson? OF COURSE! Make you look at things differently? *SIGH*, YES.  Make you address your priorities differently?  Show you a BETTER path than the one you were going to race down?  YES.  Spirit always knows what is best for you even if we don’t agree with it.  (Your HONOR? I OBJECT!)

Does knowing and dishing all this “great advice” make me take it better?  HELL NO.  I have been told that some pretty big things coming up for me and I would like to know RIGHT NOW.  Can I see a show of hands that agree with me???

There was a quote from Chelsea Clinton that said ‘impatient people GET THINGS DONE’.    YES-WE-DO. I was that person that worked ahead to get my term papers done and then enjoyed smug satisfaction when my fellow counterparts were stressing to get it done at the last minute.

But again, lets go back – the more you want to get things done on your terms is the time Spirit will intentionally make you wait.  WHY???  To remind you that YOU ARE NOT IN CHARGE! 

We have become such an impatient society that is all about INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  We no longer have the patience to wait.  I think when we look back at what is going on with this Covid issue, we will see what a gift it was to slow down and be more patient and grateful for the time and hopefully stop being in such a rush.  

In learning this, I see mini lessons along the way when I am in a hurry.  Like, suddenly being stuck in traffic and hit every single light.  Or, when you have a deadline to meet you stumble across unforeseen obstacles.  While being a workaholic for a few years, I noticed I worked best in a state of chaotic frenzy. No patience just go-go-go! My friends and I run CIRCLES around some of our other friends! Tornado’s didn’t have anything on us when we are in a mood to get things done. 

Alas… my pixie dust is not there.  WHY?  Because Spirit and my Angels are trying to teach me about the virtuous notion of patience by taking it to the next level.   I just want to work ahead and lay out the plan for the next things to come.   Are they are giving me hints?  SURE!  Things like:  IT WILL HAPPEN WHEN IT HAPPENS. (This statement is the equivalent to your parents saying BECAUSE I SAID SO) Then there are the ‘two more weeks’, ‘three more months’ stuff. So, I wait.  NOW?   Spirit goes: BECAUSE YOU KEEP ASKING, WE DON’T THINK YOU HAVE LEARNED THE LESSON YET. Now it’s…. Maybe in nine months… we will see. 

In trying to describe how I feel about this to my friends, to me it is like standing there turning around and around in circles looking for what might come to pass and never seeing it. Trust me, my human side has had a few choice words.  It’s just that, when we think we are doing good by working ahead, we might not be getting all the pieces we need to do it correctly.  Why can’t Spirit encourage patience when it comes to homework, dishes, or laundry????

I just want to get a head start… SHOW ME THE PIECES TO THE PUZZLE AND HOW THEY ARE GOING TO FIT…. LET ME SEE THE FRONT OF THE PUZZLE BOX.  I am willing to do the work!  Can’t I get a hint??

Through my channeling, they have been telling me of things to come. My woo woo friends confirm that there is most DEFINITELY something on the horizon and THEY can’t even see it.   I admit, I decided to cheat (in case an Angel was slacking) and pull cards to see if I could get a smidgen of a hint.   When I point blank asked?  The card that came out is the “IT’S A SECRET”.   I busted out laughing at that one.

Time on the Spirits side is fluid.  There are no clocks in the Angelic realm.  When its meant to be it will be.  THAT’S how time is.  The end.  In pulling out some messages I had received over a year ago, I noticed that this “duzy” of a time that is headed for me has been mentioned to me for about a year! Does that count for patience? I have warned all my friends monthly, thinking ‘THIS IS IT’ and nothing has happened (well, to the extent I think it was supposed to).  So, like the little boy that cried wolf, when things actually happen, and I speak THIS IS IT PEOPLE!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Well, no one is going to believe me. What I have been told is “WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT”.  Of course!  WHY???   Patience, my dear.  There are some tasks and lessons in those tasks.  Some tests you cannot do ahead.  They are when they are.  They want me to practice being the calm in the storm.  It is like Spirits form of a POP QUIZ. “Here are some unfortunate circumstances and we would like to see how you apply what you have learned, and we will be grading you. If you pass, you get to go forward. If you do not, you get extra homework.”

There is no doubt that I may look back and wish I were not in such a hurry to know. There is no finish line. Life is not a sprint; it is a marathon.  Just stop and smell the roses.  Watch the snail. Appreciate every moment AS IT IS and not worry about tomorrow.  Just be grateful for today, this moment RIGHT NOW.  Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘Time is the one currency that, once spent, you can’t never earn back’.  Spend your time wisely.  Patience is not just the ability to wait but to keep a good attitude while waiting.  Hands down that is my test right now.  Not sure how good I am doing, but I am working on it and probably will forever!

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