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My Spirit Guide Revealed

I have a stalker.  Yup!  This man watches my every move. Oversees my daily activities and even steers me on the right path unbeknownst to me.  He sits in the shadows and makes sure I am safe and ok.

His name is Jean Paul Claude.

Mind you, I don’t tell him to go away.  He is quiet a lot of times and watches me from the wings. He only lets me know he’s around when necessary! He, is my Spirit guide.

So let me back up. 

In the start of my spiritual journey, I am meditating.  I am getting pictures and words and start writing them down.  I got the letter “J”.  So, no biggie – it’s the 10th letter in the alphabet, and it means….?  I have no idea but I wrote it down.  Again, no clue but I soldiered on. 

The letter came thru a few times.  Then I heard what sounded like “Joan”.  But I felt it was a man.  I then got “Joen” . I had recently read a book on connecting with your Spirit guides.  Was this mine?  I knew no one by that name at all. So possibly?? I had one meditation that these piercing blue eyes were literally right in front of me, inches from my face just staring at me. I truly had no clue if any of it was connected so I just continued to take notes. 

I know your saying, ‘now don’t start getting all cray-cray on me’.  Just hear me out!  Our Spirit guides are assigned to us at birth. We picked them out actually!  Yes, YOU HAVE ONE OF YOUR VERY OWN TOO! They are our guardians that help you out of a lot circumstances by those nudges and gut feelings you may or may not pay attention to.  They watch over you and help get the right people to reach out to you for support when you least expect it. In emergencies, they have been known to step in as well!  Native Indians even speak of them and are very in touch with their spirit guides. 

Again, I am aware of “Joen” coming thru. (pronounced JOE-EN) I didn’t really know he was a spirit guide at the time, so I just paid attention. Possibly this was someone I was going to meet in the future?  Was this someone that passed away that I was getting a message to give someone? I also got the word “French”. Gotta love pieces of the puzzle!

So, a few friends and I meet up to go to the Mind Body Spirit Expo that happened to be in town.  If you have never been to one, I highly suggest you go.  Its eye opening on so many different levels!!  Anyway, my friends and I all opted in for different metaphysical experiences and agreed we would share our experiences with the other and compare notes.

There was an intuitive artist from Virginia Beach there that brings through and draws out a loved one or your spirit guide.  She had posted on her walls the pictures she had drawn compared to an actual photo her patrons shared with her.  It was very cool!   I thought… OK, I’ll BITE!  I truly was drawn to her as were my other friends.  I knew who my loved ones were in Spirit and did not need that validation but my spirit guide?  THAT stood out to me in a big way.  I signed up and waited my turn.

I sat down and she introduced herself.  She asked that I just chat and tell her things while she lets her hand do the drawing. It puts her in the ‘zone’.   She did say that when she gets information to pass along, she would interrupt me and speak.  I got my handy-dandy phone out and hit record. 

She said, TELL ME A STORY.  Without skipping a beat, I opted to tell her about this amazing book I recently had acquired from my Grandfather.  It’s a world almanac of sorts, but it’s called “The Volume Library”.  First published in 1911, MY copy was from 1925. It was Da’ GOOGLE of the early 20th Century.   I told her about how I came across this book in my Grandparents attic and how it belonged to my Grandfather.  It was something he cherished greatly as it was purchased during the depression era at the cost of $10 – mind you that monthly wage was $40 at the time, according to his memoirs.  Somewhere along the way in my channeling, I repeatedly got the message “there is a message for you in the book”.  I looked and looked and had no clue.  Seriously, a book from 1925 had a message for me in the year 2000’s???  Mind you, this book was truly fascinating to me but there was some sort of a message in it for me I had yet to find. 

Actual front cover of my book

As I rambled on about this book, the Spirit-Artist would interrupt me with information that my Spirit guide was giving her about me. She told me I was very artistic.  I assured her I liked my crayons and finger paints but not nearly as talented as SHE was! She then drew beautiful blue eyes on this paper!

She further told me that I had a male spirit guide and he was French. Of course, NOW the note from my personal channeling was front and center in my brain!  I also remembered that I got the word “French”.  She went on to tell me that he is he is a musician and artist from 1857, lived in an area of France called Merce’, and loved to spend time in Paris.  Then she told me his name was Jean-Paul Claude.

My brain was suddenly putting pieces together from what I was told that matched what she was getting. Of course I am ALSO wondering if his name or info about him is in the book!  With that thought I got a major round of goosebumps!!  Holy cow!!   I was super curious but continued to listen intently as she spoke further. 

She mentioned poetry ‘You write it as well.  You are supposed to go back to it.’  (I hadn’t dabbled in poetry since high school.  INTERESTING!!!) “You like to investigate while reading – finding out stuff.  You have a LOT to give people and a lot to learn but you are a fast learner. You picked him – he is the one that keeps you out of trouble, out of danger, puts you on the right path. He pulls in the other Spirit guides to help you. He knows what you’re up to and what you need to help you. He sometimes gets bored, so play with him.  So ask him to, for example, coordinate all the traffic lights.  He knows you sing in the car a lot.  He cannot contact you but you can contact him. He can’t interfere unless you are in danger.”


“Involve him a bit more. He isn’t bored a LOT. (Wait, did he just read my mind???) Ask him to bring you the right teachers and to help you. He knows everyone in your life.  He knows what you think…. And he still loves you. (*GULP*) You have to learn from your own mistakes, he can’t tell you.   He tells you what you NEED to know not what you want to know.”

As fast as it started it was done, WHOALAH!  My portrait is done. My head was swimming! There he was.  Introducing Jean-Paul Claude, my blue eyed, French, artistic, spirit guide ….. THAT GETS BORED WITH ME!!!  (In my life it takes a lot of effort to be bored! I truly take it as a compliment!)

Actual drawing from the Spirit Artist

*BLINK* TIME WAS UP!  Again, I’m so glad I recorded it all!  I went from being little miss happy go-lucky ray of sunshine, tellin’ a story about my Grandpa’s book, to hearing about my Spirit guide and what he knows about me and that I can be BORING!!!  Talk about going full circle in 30 minutes or less!  JEEZ!

ANYway, so my friends and I compared stories and pictures after we were all done. None of our picture or stories were similar in ANY way!  I couldn’t wait to get home to this book and see if the information about him was possibly in the book since the “history part”, referenced that time frame!

So the next day, something about the name JEAN was resonating with me.  JEAN PAUL.  It popped into my head to contact my friend that speaks fluent French.  I gave her the name and asked her to call me and pronounce it correctly, in French.    Guess what?  JEAN, when pronounced sounded just like “Joen” when spoken fast in French dialect. HOLY COW!!!  IT’S THE SAME NAME!   DAAAANNNNGGGG!!!  How cool is THAT!???

Needless to say, my next stop was indeed the book, and in it I found out about a painter named Lorraine Claude, all about Merce’, France, and the year 1857.  VERY COOL STUFF!!!  Was or is Lorraine related to him in some way?

I was happy that I knew his proper name!  In some of my next few meditations, I received more confirmations and very POLITELY asked if I could call him “JP” for short.  I got a yes.  WOO HOO!  ( Yo’ Yo’ Yo’ JP!!!!!  How YOU doin’????? ———– Don’t get your bloomers in a bunch. I joke here, but am VERY respectful!)

I gave him a certain number combination in my “signs and symbols” – that way, when I get a message and that number combination shows up around it, I know it’s from him!

I have the picture of JP and his beautiful blue eyes on my wall and I say good morning to him.  He doesn’t make himself known all the time (no doubt because I’m BORING at times), but he has been wonderful and sends me messages from the great beyond.  His postage stamp is the certain number combination. 

I want to point out that not all Spirit Guides walked the earth before. I don’t know everything there is to know about JP or all Angels. I have much to learn! For now though, I’m off to see what mischief or game I can engage JP in so he isn’t BORED!

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