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Finding Your Vibe Tribe

Many of us belong to many “tribes” disguised as groups of friends.  There’s the immediate family, extended family, spouses and BFF’s. Of course, it goes on from there.  Sometimes you are blessed with the rare individual(s)you can be utterly yourself with NO MATTER WHAT– warts and all.  We all have that master list of friends that we always share the newest, latest, and greatest with FIRST.  Depending on where you are on their list or them on yours is how fast you get or deliver the HOT OFF THE PRESS info.

Of course, not all friends in our personal tribe have ‘blanket security clearance’ for every single thing you want to talk about.  Some friends, well, they just won’t understand your view point or it might color their vision of you differently to know your thoughts at that moment.  Like, some friends are just our financial advisors.  Then there are those that you only have relationship conversations with.  One or more may be your go-to for spouse or kid advice.  Rarely is there the one person you can say EV-ERY-THING to.  The list of course, goes on depending on your needs.  Don’t even discount the fact that YOU play some part in someone else’s tribe as well! 

I know that in the big scheme of things, first and foremost, we should always be our own best counsel.  Raise your hand if you have been known to get in your own way at times!  Therein lies the need for a tribe.  People that just GET the part of you that you need to share at the moment.

You truly don’t know how much you miss having one until you move.  LET-ME-TELL-YOU!  Phone calls still work but hanging out chatting at happy hour or at someone’s house to vent, brag or share an experience isn’t established immediately.  I know I might be hardheaded, but I don’t walk up to strangers and say HEY I JUST MOVED HERE! CAN I TELL YOU A SECRET??  Then of course, COVID hit and now rarely is anyone getting together regardless.  Zoom Happy Hours still exist, but its not the same as in person!

You may or may not admit that you show a different side of yourself to different people.  Like, there is no way in HELL most of us would sit down and tell your parents all the juicy details about your relationship as you would to your bestie. Nor, would you even VENT about certain things to certain people.  Most of your personal business is best kept, well, PERSONAL. 

My Spiritual Journey has been for the most part, well, personal.  A LOT of things have changed.  I have severed a handful of unhealthy friendships because now I view them differently.  I have removed myself from environments that are no longer healthy for me.  I have learned to reel my energy in.  I am “selective” on who I share my spiritual journey details with.  I have told my closet friends, but there are still many that don’t know.  I am not quite sure that if I walked in and told my boss ‘HEY I HAVE WOO WOO POWERS’ that it would really go over well.  

This stuff is SO IMPORTANT to talk about!  It’s SOUL talk! You should be able to discuss it with anyone, right? NOPE! Everyone is on a different journey. They are in a different place ON their journey. Not all are in the same space as you are, nor understand how profound your lessons have been to get you where you are. Why?  BECAUSE IT’S NOT ABOUT THEM!  It’s YOUR story!  Not theirs. 

To quote Eleanor Roosevelt: “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.

SO much truth to that statement!

Has that pearl of wisdom suddenly given me the gumption to flap my gums and tell everyone?  NOT YET.  Honestly, I’m just not ready to open up about this side of me just yet back at home.  Not everyone in my sphere is or will be on board.  How do I know?  Well, you see, I am a GREAT listener.  I hear and listen to how they talk about some OTHER people that are into ‘woo woo’ stuff.  Frankly it’s not AS widely practiced at home as it is where I am right now.   People change, circumstances change, and I had changed – and they don’t know it yet.  So when I go home, they get a more filtered version of me. But not being authentic is a disservice to my soul and man, I feel it!

In my new location, I started to feel like I was just existing. I was healing so it was good for me.  It was a gift to have time to really sit with myself and no one know me.  Once I felt I was ready to take on meeting people again, I put out into the universe and asked my Angels and Guides – I only wanted friends that were Spiritual, fun, outgoing, like minded, trustworthy, truthful, loyal, and that liked to laugh.   I even wrote it down at first and read it every-single-day.  After a while, of course it was memorized, and it rolled off my tongue.  As outgoing and social I may appear to be, I am a very shy person that is guarded until I get to know you, then WATCH OUT!

See, there was a new and improved soul-side to me that insisted on being more in the forefront. Since this area was new, I could be authentically and un-apologetically, MOI.   No longer at the back of the line of things to know about me, my Spiritual WOO WOO stuff was indeed needing to be part of my introduction. Seriously, I had NO IDEA how to weave THAT kind of information into a conversation. So, I joined a few woo woo groups. I figured we at least had this in common already! 

OH MY GOODNESS, I FELT FREE!!!! – Free in a way that I had never felt before. There were people out there that GOT ME – got THIS part of me.  Why?  Because they were also doing the same thing, in their own way! There was/is a sense of gratefulness that there was some place to talk about this stuff, albeit in the form of classes.  Woo woo stuff isn’t a one and done ‘hobby’.  It’s an ADDICTION.  It’s a way of living that feels SO RIGHT!  There’s an innate need to learn, understand and comprehend all that is out there!  Your SOUL insists on it! What I learned was that woo woo stuff didn’t come with a certain look, age or demographic AT ALL.  This just showed me that our place in this world is perfectly orchestrated to fit in where we are and affect people around us.

I wanted to practice more.  Learn from others what their experience was, etc.  It has been so important to talk to others doing the same thing.  Classes are great but you know, some things render further conversations just to talk it out and take more time to understand.  Hey, as the reigning MS. QUESTION QUEEN, the why’s, hows, whens, and the ever present – WHAT IF’s need to get asked! Honey, I AIN’ T SHY! I HAVE QUESTIONS!  When you sign up for classes, of course you want to be TAUGHT -but what about practicing? IF there is one thing that I have learned is that we are all not built the same.  The premise is the same but every one of our gifts are similar and yet different. Our language is different!  No doubt you need a judge free zone.  Your soul screams for it.  You need honest feedback. Not only to be able to be free to talk about it but share your experiences with like-minded/knowing individuals. You need to see by example and ask others how they feel about what they are doing.  How it affects others through THEIR eyes.  On the flip side you need to be able to express when you are not “feeling it” and to get encouragement while you climb back onto the horse and try again.

I wanted to practice so much, I started a practice group.  Let the teachers teach but let those of us do the homework and PRACTICE.  I had no idea how this one small group would grow and how much it would be of help to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.  It has turned into such a support system.  It’s, My VIBE Tribe.

In this Vibe Tribe we all have similar but different talents.  As mixture of men and women, one of them has dubbed us “Super Friends”.   We all work together as a group and individually.  It’s the support that we offer to each other to be our authentic self that is so damn special! We have shared our experiences, our challenges, our frustrations and yet we have also given support, sent collective energy to one or more of us at a time and have been a sounding board.

One of the COOLEST things that has come out of it is that we get MESSAGES FOR EACH OTHER FROM SPIRIT!  Its like, all of our spirit guides have gotten to know each other!  IT SOOOOO RANDOM!   I get messages for others and they have delivered messages to me! Day or night, when you get the message you hand it over!   Coincidentally its always that the PERFECT time, too.   My friends know that if I start the text with MESSAGE DELIVERY!  They know it’s a message from Spirit for them.

For example, today, I was up early. I did my normal routine of Prayers of Gratitude, Safety and Protection.  I then pulled cards for myself to see if there is a message or a theme for the day.  I got a nudge to record some intuitive-channeled messages.  I recorded it at 6:19 AM.  Not only do I not remember what I say when I channel but the coffee hasn’t kicked in either.  At 9:27 AM, I get a random text message of encouragement from one of the girls in the group as she was asked to pass along to me.  “just keep swimming”.  Metaphorically, I knew EXACTLY what it meant.  At 9:30 AM I decide to write out, as I do, the messages *I* got, and there was one on there for HER.  I sent it.  We both then laughed.  BOTH of our Spirit Teams were making sure their messages were delivered at THE perfect moment through each of us.  It happens all-the-time!

So my encouragement to you is that you find, join, or start a woo woo group of your own. If your interested in your own woo woo gifts, finding your VIBE TRIBE is important.  The support you receive is much needed and is often, immeasurable on this journey.  Check your local metaphysical store and your local Meet-Up groups. Start with taking a class or two to see where you want to start or what you want to learn. Of course, right now with COVID going on, locally still where I am, we are meeting via Zoom so you can even do it in your pajamas!  It only takes meeting one or two people at a class and you are on your way.  With all the really cool things that start to happen in your life, you GOTTA TELL SOMEONE because, YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

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