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Change Of Season

It’s kind of cool that you can do something over and over again and then one day, it’s just DIFFERENT.  Something DIFFERENT hits you.  What once was shiny and new is now old and worn.  Maybe it’s a different smell, awareness or mindset.  Mind you, you did nothing different but then some THING has changed. Sometimes it’s the outside and sometimes it’s going on inside of you. It is a change of ‘season’ and aware of it or not, it is happening ALL THE TIME.

I have been out walking at my local park.  I Just needed to be outside for a bit. For the few miles on this particular walk, I decided to stay on the paved path instead of the dirt path.  I am in la-la land walking along and I noticed that there was a single leaf moving on the ground up ahead, BY ITSELF.   Of course, I think it’s the wind. As I watched while walking towards it, I noticed the moves were subtle, yet obvious.  Now, as you know my mindset is that most things are Heaven-sent.  My Angels calling card for me is to do things that I find awe inspiring anyway. This has to be one of them, right?  When I got closer, I bent down to see how this leaf was moving only to discover that it was this little ant.  ONE. SINGLE. ANT.  was moving this BIG LEAF all by itself.  Now mind you that it had been a long time since I had seen that in person.  What I also found interesting was this one thing going on was what I paid attention to. MASSIVE trees with limbs going every which way are sprawled out in front of me.  A huge number of mushrooms in all sizes and colors are all around and what I noticed was this itty-bitty ant moving a huge leaf.  Was it a big sign of some sort?  Not really!  It was brought to my attention though and I looked at it differently.  I was suddenly aware that this little ant was carrying this leaf that was 400% bigger than itself and it was being successful at it.  ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME.   For a moment I felt I wanted to pick the ant and the leaf up and put it on the other side of the road – like we do with turtles sometimes.  Was I putting it closer to its destination or farther?  No clue.  I opted to take a step over and keep walking.  

I kept walking and I looked up and noticed a single branch of reddish-brown leaves.  JUST ONE branch of them.  It stood out!  It was rather pretty with its’ contrasting colors.  I didn’t think anything of it but just admired it.  I kept walking and then noticed random leaves were falling every so often in front of me.  It was then that I realized that indeed, a change of season was coming. The signs were subtle, but the proof was all around me.

Believe it or not, I didn’t have a lot of random thoughts flying thru my head during this walk. I was just appreciating the quiet. (insert shock and awe here).  So, the thought was just lingering.  CHANGE OF SEASONS.

In a literal sense, it is getting to be THAT time of year.  The fall season was getting ready to make an appearance. The kids are getting back into school curriculum, I am hearing the ramblings of football season starting.  Guess what???  Starbucks is bringing out their pumpkin spice Latte.  The HOLIDAYS are getting closer by the minute.  The leaves are starting to fall. That means changing seasons!

Then it hit me —WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!  HOLD ON A MINUTE…. Did I not just take the Christmas tree down last Thursday??  Is it almost time to put it up again????? I don’t know about you, but normally it is not  until a mass amount of leaves fall that I suddenly go OH WOW and pay attention to the time of year.  Yet it is happening right in front of me.  RIGHT NOW.

I couldn’t help but pondered the ‘SEASONS ARE CHANGING’ theme.  Something about that statement had a bigger meaning to me. 


Nothing stays the same.  It’s not like the back of a shampoo bottle where it states; APPLY, LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT.  (By the way, if you keep reading that, how many times should you do it?)   THINGS are changing again. Not only for me but to me and AROUND me.  For a bear, there is a feasting season so he is ready to hibernate during a winter without food.  The time change kicks in, and our late evening activities are getting readjusted to work with the limited daylight.  There are holidays and moments marked in time that we acknowledge, grieve, or celebrate. Every day, things change.  Like a flag waving in front of me, another new season approaching.

I know, your saying NEW?  YES!  It is new.  Are you the same person as you were this time last year?  I think not.  I know I am not.  Things I thought were issues aren’t any longer. I have grown and changed and have new ways of looking at things that are DIFFERENT than last year.  Our WORLD is different than it was last year.  

We are approaching a NEW season.   Is everything going back to how it was last year? NOPE!  Ladies and Gentlemen – we are all approaching uncharted territories!

So, this thought has been rolling around in my head for a week know.  Then, I woke up wanting a Krispy Kreme donut yesterday.  Since I will be wearing bulky clothes soon with fall approaching, I took this desire as a “sign” – THOU SHALL GOEST AND PARTAKE OF KRISPY KREME DONUTS TODAY.   Maybe this was desire was Spirits way of telling me I should work ahead to start layering on my winter “padding”!  I even wrote it down on my to do list! (Hey! This donut lover takes her job VERY seriously!)   Frankly, I made it first on the list.  NO EXCUSES!  ‘TIS THE SEASON where the donut flavors match the season!

I programed the closest Krispy Kreme destination into my GPS and it takes me to the mall parking lot. WTH??  I don’t frequent the mall at all to know if there is indeed a Krispy Kreme store inside.  GPS said yes!   Number two on my list was to pick something else up and right in front of me was a store that quite possibly had what I needed as well. Of course, I’m thinking, THERE IS A REASON FOR ALL OF THIS.  Maybe I’m not supposed to make the trek to the original destination to get the next thing on the list. MAYBE they want me to get all my errands done so I can just enjoy the sugar rush from the donut!! LOVE THIS SEASON!

So YEP!  I check errand number two off my list but still had yet to find where the damn donut store was.  Never found it.  I walked back out to my car, googled it again and had to read that Krispy Kreme has a KIOSK, not a store.  I was over it.  Never mind!  The damage I could do to my wallet by walking around to find said kiosk could far outweigh the appreciation for the indulgence of the donut.  I left.  NO DONUT.

ONWARD!  I then took a different route and noticed that there was a Dunkin Donuts. Maybe I was supposed to partake from a donut from THERE? I went in and they seriously only had about 9 different ones to choose from.  None of which was the taste I was desiring. I know what I want and I refused to settle. I was realizing that this season, I wasn’t going to take just any old thing. I know what I want and I will wait for it!  Things are going to be different yet again.  It was time for a season change.  Not realizing it, my taste had changed.

Like the leaves on the trees that I saw starting to fall, I know that a new season of change and growth is coming.  Want to know what else?  THE TREES ARE NOT WORRIED THEY ARE LOSING THEIR LEAVES.  They know that shedding is leaving (get it? ‘leaving’?  HAHAHAH)  more space for NEW growth as well as new space FOR the growth.  That tree doesn’t know how many new leaves will appear, just that they will. They are patiently waiting for the new. They believe the leaves will suddenly appear at the right time.

The little ant was excited that the tree DROPPED the perfect leaf in its path from WAY UP in the tree. To the ant, this was abundance and he was ready to receive it.  The ant had leaves in the woods all over the place but the ant waited for the new season for the perfect leaf.  He didn’t pick up an old dry leaf from last season.  Was the ant worried he wouldn’t get  the one he wanted ? Probably not.  He just was waiting for the perfect one to be presented to him.

Some seasons are for rest, some are for planting and some are for harvesting. If you are looking back at last season, or anxious about next season you will miss the season you are in.  Like the leaves on the trees changing, there is a strong chance that you and I are too.  More importantly is the awareness that changing seasons signal, that you are not stuck.  The trees patiently await the new leaves to arrive.  The ant waited and got what he wanted, and I will wait for the perfect donut.  So as watermelon season comes to a close and pumpkin spice season is arriving, without me finding my perfect donut flavor yet, I guess I will enjoy where I’m at and have an apple.   I won’t have to chase it, it will find me.

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