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BACK TO SCHOOL-University of Life

Welcome Students to the University of Life! 

Life lessons are the course of study and the blessings are the after-school projects.

So, what courses did YOU sign up for?  What grade/level are you in this year?  Are you repeating the same class over because you didn’t learn the lesson?  You will recognize it by some familiar faces and new classmates but the same course-lesson will repeat over and over again.  (repeating the grade) That is how you know if you moved on.

The Powers-That-Be have explained that we all signed up for everything we are doing or getting right now BEFORE we came into this world.  So like it or not, WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL

To be honest my report card thus far shows that I passed many courses with flying colors and got a big fat “F” on others.  Those I failed, guess what?  I GET DO TO OVER AGAIN!

Are we EVER done with life-school? NOPE.  I think that there is a moment as we get older that the classroom shrinks, and the course-study is more of a “hall monitor” than a student.

I have been trying to get a hall pass for a few years now and I think I have succeeded!  Unfortunately though, they are on to me and I’m being put back into “class” again soon.  BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

In the big picture you can look back at your life and lessons you have learned by who you played with on the ‘playground of life’.  Play with bad people and get roped into doing things that are deemed not-so-good, and you get into trouble and have issues.  Most likely for a while you are deemed unsavory by your peers because of your behavior. Ever feel like people are talking about you and pointing?  YUP!  Other times you get glowing reviews because you were the star pupil and did all sorts of things right according to the “University Guidelines”.

A lot of times you don’t even know you are in a type of school or classroom until you look back and see what it was.  It’s like going with the flow of the groups of people you are around.  Large masses just moving as one unit into another experience and without notice you’re suddenly just “in it”. Kind of like everyone trying to squeeze thru the gymnasium doors for an assembly – you shuffle with the masses and suddenly, you’re in the gym!

So recently I came across a 14 page letter I wrote to someone a few years ago.  Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was prompted by my Angelic Team to write out my thoughts in a comprehensive manor.  I’m not sure if 14 pages is rendered ‘comprehensive’, but I had a lot to say.  I was urged to write so there would be no mis-understanding about what I said or how I said it.  This was my final “term paper” for this class of ‘lessons’ I had been enduring.   I remember going to the park with my handy-dandy notebook and my pen. Figured I might as well do my homework with a view, right?  I prayed for help and my hand shot to the paper like a cannon.   I wrote and wrote and wrote.   This was my “impromptu” writing assignment.  After turning in my completed term paper, I would know if I flunked and had to repeat the class or got to graduate to a new class. 

I remember the words just flowing out of me left and right.  Page after page was being filled and I put them on the car seat next to me.  What was interesting was that everything that I wrote just flowed. For an impromptu paper, I had no scratch outs and no do overs.  It was truly a one and done kind of paper.  IN PEN. Again, there was no writing prompt.   There were no notes. Just the words in my head that I put to paper.

I don’t know how long it took but I think I write pretty fast.  Then suddenly, I was done.  I remember reading back thru it and thinking MAN THIS LETTER IS WAY TO NICE!  I wanted more FACT’s and FIGURES, and EXAMPLES and to really spice it up!  I was disturbed how nice it sounded actually.  Just for the record, being nice SOOOOOOOOO wasn’t the point *I* wanted to make!  The point of the letter was to be up front!  I felt like I was missing my “point”.  Who the hell wrote this anyway???

While reading it over I remember being frustrated how much this wasn’t what I REALLY wanted to say. The words popped into my head ‘it’s how it needs to be written to be received‘  (I paraphrased it ) .  Ugh.  Seriously??? 

Was this assignment going to truly get my point across?  This term paper was The FINAL GRADE for this class.  This paper was going to define if I graduated to the next class or if I had to stay back and do the class all over again.  Was the impact of my paper strong enough??

I realized NOW that I was doing automatic writing.  Like most things, once you look back you see things you didn’t understand while you are in the middle of it. Those are the lovely lessons of “life”.   TAH-DAH!

My human side struggles at times with how things are to be done.  My Spiritual side, unfortunately, has to deal with my stubborn human side A LOT. 

I feel the best way to describe my human side is like a kindergartner that doesn’t want to leave home and wants to just stay put.  My spiritual side is the amazing kindergarten classroom with all sorts of friends and colored paper, scissors and glue!  Once I get there, and listen and follow along, it’s OK!  Its just getting my stubborn-ass there to get started.

So getting back to my 14-page term paper, I was in complete AWE of what flowed out of me.  I truly questioned if the niceness of this would ever get the point across.  I turned my paper in and my “teacher”, was in charge of grading it.  Did they understand my point? Were they going to understand where I was coming from and read it to understand?  I had to wait for them to make the decision.  AND THEY DID!

I will tell you that I was able to leave this class, no one tried to stop me, and I graduated to the next level in doing so!  So much has happened since I turned that paper in.   Looking back, I understand the class, the teacher and the course study with such clarity now!  I didn’t quite get the big picture while I was in the middle of it all. Kind of not understanding why you have to learn SHOP, until later in life you need to hang a picture up!

What was interesting was coming across this old 14-page paper and RE-READING it recently. The paper was wrote a few years ago already and I have already jumped two grades ahead since then! The letter was AMAZING.  There is NO QUESTION to me that I was doing automatic writing to produce this. I was in complete AWE of my language.  It was well versed, written from my soul, and there was no misunderstanding about what I was trying to accomplish.  I was in complete awe of how MUCH I wrote.  There was no limit on the content I had to turn in but what was written, needed to be said.  Taking it further would have been lost in the translation.  To further complete all of this was the amazement that again, without knowing what exactly I was going to write, there were no misspellings and no scratch through or do-overs.  This was truly Spirit guided and a one and done paper. I still remember what I WANTED to write but looking back at the class and the teacher of that class the details I wanted to put in there would have fallen on deaf ears. I got what I needed from the class and all the extra work I was going to put into that paper was unnecessary.

In the even BIGGER picture, life is a classroom in, and of itself. Your friends, trials and tribulations are all part of the class you are in and once you learn the lessons of what is going on you will STOP REPEATING THEM and move on to another class.

I think the fun and happy times are like RECESS, WINTER and SPRING break.  The buckle-down times are the classroom times. Sometimes you have to buckle down and study, learn and keep your nose to the grindstone so you can get the semester you are in done and have some fun again.

Metaphorically, we ALL KNOW some of our friends that just REFUSE to move up a grade.  They are scared, they have this ONE GRADE or LEVEL of education figured out and they are complacent in doing it over and over and over again.  Never wanting to grow or change because, well, the unknown is SCARY!  Hands down, you know of people that just are content as can be being stuck where they are. In fact they look at YOU and call you nuts for trying to grow and expand.  I look at it this way, I know I can choose to go back and repeat a grade if I want to.  I just know that I am not FORCED to.   I will tell you that in Kindergarten, cutting, coloring and playing tag at recess sounds SO MUCH FUN at times – easy and simple!  Yet, I know me.   I will get bored silly knowing I have graduated so many classes already. 

Are there more classes that need to be completed?  *sigh* YES.  Since life is a classroom, my Angelic team wants me in a new classroom, yet again.  Just like the kids are starting a new grade, a new school or university, so are we all.  New season, new class or if you’re stuck, repeating the same one over again.  We are all sometimes the teacher and sometimes the student.  I think at moments you know which one you are.  I think the biggest takeaway from all of this is – IF YOU LEARN YOUR LESSONS, GOOD BAD OR INDIFFERENT YOU CAN GO TO THE NEXT CLASS.

It was nice to see my term paper I wrote and know that I graduated that class. It wasn’t an easy class for me.  I repeated that class over and over again.  Frankly more times than I care to admit. Finally thought, I said goodbye to that teacher and fellow classmates thru tears. I didn’t want to leave but even my Angels knew that it was going to be OK to move on to the next level. I had to trust them.  Right now, as schools are restarting all over, albeit modified, I am still tightly holding onto my hall-pass.  I heard the new teachers for my next level class are looking for me to get started.  Wonder what I am going to learn this time?  I’ll meet you in the lunchroom!  I heard its pizza day! 

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