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Life Told Thru Music

Hello, my name is Lisa and I love music. Music is a type of drug to me. It enhances my mood, sets the ambiance, or digs up a memory.  I liken it to be the soundtrack of my life. 

I had someone tell me once that their sister was more of a music nut than I was.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  Trust me, they were GREAT about identifying the song and artist like no other. I will forever bow down to her in defeat. They were much more knowledgeable in knowing who-sang-what.  It was then that I realized my self-titled idea of a “music person” was more of a personal nature and thus varied from what they were.  Yup, I realized that I operated in my own little world of music and had my reasons why.

Music has been the soundtrack of significant events in my life.  When I arrived home and my Mom had ‘elevator music’ on, I knew she was in a good mood!  Then, there was this song I remember, and to this day when I hear it, I am instantly teleported back to the airport where we were seeing someone off when I was still little. The next song of significance came around the time I had my appendix taken out.  Why on earth would a seven-year-old girl have a song to go along with the removal of an emergency appendectomy?  Because I had to share a hospital room with a teenager.  She had friends visiting and that is the song was on the radio.  Coincidentally, I remember trying to have an ‘I’m as cool as you’ conversation with them and said the word “damn” and caught the glances of amused eyes between them. Then there was the first 45-record I was able to buy by myself!   Oh, I will never forget…. “Another one bites the dust”.  Over and over and over I would play that song.  I OWNED it. 

Fast forward to those “dreamy googly eyed teenage years” when every profound love song that came on was attached to the latest crush.  *sigh*.  I spent HOURS and HOURS, in front of a radio with my cassette recorder.  Always trying in vain to capture the songs I liked in their entirety so I could listen to it any time I wanted.  There was the first kiss song. The make out song.  The first break up song.  Of course, every amazing memory had SOME song attached to it.  I can’t remember every song by name but when I hear them I am instantly teleported back to that memory.

THEN…. MTV came on the scene. Oh, MY LORD…. How many of us hung around to see what the bands and singers looked like and how they interpreted the song lyrics they crooned about! (That is when MTV was only about music!) 

Since the only thing I had for a while was a radio, I was subjected to listening to what the music executives at the stations wanted us to hear. I would be happy as a lark listening to all these amazing upbeat songs and then they would play a few “slow-dance” type of songs.  TALK ABOUT A BUZZ KILL. 

So, imagine my delight when I got my own Walk-Man and could listen to just the groups I wanted to.  Boy I thought I was big stuff then!  I spent HOURS in a place around me called Spec’s Music.  They had the latest bands’ cassettes and albums with in-store portable players.  You could listen through the headphones to see if you wanted to buy the entire album or not!   Just for the record, my ‘rule’ was that I would never buy a cassette unless it had at least TWO SONGS I liked!  If not?  PASS!

As music infiltrated my life even more, I discovered that some people were WORDs people (songs about the message). Then some were ACOUSTIC people (guitar lovers) and some were BEAT/MELODY people (MEEEEEE!!!!).  It took me a while to figure that out.  It also explained why someone did not like the same songs as I did.  See, I like to THUMP!  Others were all about the guitars and whammy bars.  Then there were those that were all gushy about some message in the song. BLEH! 

Do not get me started on air-drum solos. DISCLAIMER:  No lie, if you see me looking like Animal from the Muppets in a car thrashing around, all wide eyed and crazy acting, just nod towards me.  For I am undoubtedly performing the air-drum solo to Phil Collins, IN THE AIR song.  No joke! It is just what I do!  If you know the song, you know the part I am talking about.  I have friends programmed to let me know what station it is on.  No matter what, the volume go’s ALL THE WAY UP and my “drum-sticks” appear as I perform the drum solo.  EVERY-SINGLE-TIME.

So as an young adult, any lose change I had in my pocket went towards music and the best stereo component system I could afford. It always had to have TWO cassette players on the system so I could create my own mixed tape of my fav’s and the BEST BASE STEREO SPEAKERS I could buy at the time.  I love that VOLUME- base that filled the room.  NOT the kind you hear in cars passing by that make you think there is an earthquake though.

Anyway, I have song assignments that are attached to people, places, and events in my life.  Cannot remember why I walked into the next room sometimes, but I can tell you about a song, where I was, and who was with me.  Some songs are like a time machine.

I realized that being a beat and melody person, I just liked the song for the beat/rhythm but never listened to the words.  I just liked how I felt or the memory it evoked and just sang along. Funny story though, I did learn a VERY valuable lesson about not paying attention to words.  See, I may or may not have been the class show off in Ms. Muccis’ health class as we were starting the semester talking about sex-education. Where I may or may not have adamantly raised my hand to answer the music question “what is the song ‘STROKE’ about by Billy Squire”?  (How could anyone NOT know? DUH!)  ME:  MS. MUCCI!!!  ITS ABOUT A BOAT RIDE! (I had pictured in my mind George Washington-ish men in white wigs and red jackets lined up row boats while the man directing them would yell STROKE! STROKE! STROKE!) Oh, if you could have seen the smirk on her face and the hear the giggles in the room.  I am soooooo sure I was the topic of laughter in the teacher lounge that day. LESSON LEARNED. (well kind of)

So fast forward to the upheavals of life and the unbeknownst song attachments that went along with those moments.  I truly just like songs but HOLY COW, when they come on, I become some sort of Wikipedia master with all the information about them as it pertained to my life.  Afterall, music is the soundtrack of my life events.

A lot of times I don’t’ know why I like the song let alone what the hell I’m singing.  I would say I do not really pay attention about 95% of the time.  Then there is about 5% that Spirit nudges me and does a *AHEM!*  for which I will pause a moment and actually HEAR what I’m singing about.  Honestly, there are words and phrases, and a lot of other not-so-nice things I am just singing along with conviction, like they were my words, but I never noticed.

I have a (for me) decent song collection.  Around 18,000 songs. I am sure there are duplicates as I have transferred them to new computers. I have set up playlists that are broke down into groups. That way I have the most appropriate soundtrack ready of just the songs I like for the event.  There are the “work out songs”, the “bubble-gum pop” songs, my “run list”, my “hubba-hubba-wink-wink playlist”, my “its raining and I want to brood” playlist, and my “rock-out” play list.   I have them all organized on my phone now so no matter where I am at, I can tap in and sing along according to my mood/desire.  Singing is a great way to elevate your spirits and raise your vibration – for which I did not know until recently.  Fa-la-la-la-laaaaa!

It has been on my to-do list to update my playlists songs for a while now. Time to update them and add songs I now like.  I will always shuffle in some old, but new all-over-again, songs that I know all the words too.  Recently, what has been interesting to me is actually LISTENING TO THE WORDS I HAVE BEEN SINGING AND THE MESSAGE OF THE SONG.  It is kind of like Spirit has created an *AHEM!* class for me to learn from that I had no idea I have been attending!  Song after song, I am suddenly HEARING what I have been singing about! 

*BOOM! MIND BLOWN* — I know songs tell a story put to music. Again, I am into them for the beat and melody, NOT for what they are saying.  So now I am listening to what a lot of the songs are about! HOW PROFOUND that my soul found these songs that resonated with me for what was going on in my life at the time and I did not even know it.  Song after song after song. Songs about strength and resilience but also heartbreak and sorrow. Seriously, majority of them have shocked me into saying, HOLY COW I HAD NO IDEA! Another piece in the puzzle!  Recently though, I realized I inadvertently had playlists of singers crooning over issues and subjects that are no longer part of my life.  So why NOW am I suddenly aware of all of this?  Those stories are where I WAS in life, not where I AM!  Spirit was bringing this to my attention to change it.  IT IS TIME!  My playlists are well overdue to be updated so I can sing about the FUN STUFF that is going on in my life now. OUT WITH THE OLD! IN WITH THE NEW! These older songs will always be part of my history, but they are not a part of my future. I swear it is like Spirit has made me SO AWARE of what I am signing about of late that I cannot ignore it anymore.  Maybe they will be placed back in rotation way down the line, but for now THEY GOTS’ TO GO!   That is not saying that I will not belt out an old favorite at Karaoke or sing in the car if an ‘oldie’ comes on.

 I truly think it was my higher self, along with Spirit, that said – TIME FOR NEW SONG ASSIGNMENTS FOR THE NEW MEMORIES you are making.  It is time for a new soundtrack to go along with your new and improved life.  Hey, I am ALLLLL FOR IT!  I feel that I passed the *AHEM* nudge Spirit made me aware of.  It was time to change what I was hearing. Like changing your diet to get different results or be healthier. What you listen to does makes a difference. I get brownie-points for paying attention to that nudge! That new play list project has moved to the top of the list. Rest assured though, no matter what, when the song IN THE AIR comes on, those imaginary drum-sticks will ALWAYS be in my back pocket ready no matter what! 

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