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*I* am officially tattling on Spirit.  They said a bad word thru me in a reading.  Now mind you there has most certainly been some very interesting choice words that they use at times.  There are some I say in readings but don’t know the definition of, let alone how to spell them!  Its funny!  I will say the word and sometimes the words right after are “here’s one of those big words you like”.  It’s like they are cupping their wing over my ear and saying that just for me!  It is Spirits’ way of adding in humor to keep me out of my left brain. (for those that don’t know, the “left brain is the analytical side)  No doubt if they didn’t, I would immediately start thinking ‘WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?’ if they didn’t say that.

I would like to think I am pretty-well spoken. I love books and reading. There is no doubt I have seen, read, or heard the word I speak but don’t always know the meaning, how to spell it, or if I even used it correctly in a sentence!

So, given all of that, it is kind of nice that *I* get a chance to channel my inner five year old and TATTLE ON SPIRIT!   Yup!  SPIRIT SAID A BAD WOOOOORRRRRD!!!!  I don’t really know who I am telling this information to exactly.  If you’re a child you tattle and tell and adult.  But when you’re and adult tattling on “the BIG guys/gals/Angels” who exactly do you tattle too???  Who is above THEM? 

I have been trained to say it like I get it.  The way for which I say something is meant for the recipient – not for me. I am not to “filter” or “soften” the words.  The reason someone is guided to me is FOR my language.  What I say is as important as to HOW I say what I say.  Its meant for you to hear it like I would say it so you absorb it. That being the case I know what is said is for affect.  What an affect it was!

Taking that into consideration, I know in normal conversations, inadvertently I may come across as being overly blunt.  Just for the record If *I* think I am being too blunt – it most certainly is super blunt!  I have learned that not everyone I read for wants it like that.  Another one of my gifts is being empathic; therefore I sense energy and intention when I am around people.  If for some reason I need to, I will ask what version of the message they want to hear.  Believe it or not, some people just don’t desire to hear anything negative, no matter how Spirit spins it.  They only want the warm and fuzzy version.  I get that and truly respect that as well.  I do suspect that if you are reading this, most likely you can handle the humorous suspense of what Spirit is going to say and HOW they say it.  Your guess is as good as mine!  Laughter does the body good!

I try and remember to tell people I am just the voice for Spirit.  I receive messages filtered through my own experiences.  There is a reason that people are drawn to specific readers as we all possess a unique and individual “filter”.  Of course, that will be imperative for the delivery and receiving of said message.

I gotta brag though, Spirit has a WICKED sense of humor!  OMG!  It’s so funny when they tattle on the person in front of me.  You KNOW they said something important when all you see is shock and awe on the sitters’ face.  I love that I get to hear the behind of the scenes stories as well.  Just for the record, I have been the one tattled on before MANY-A-TIME, so I GET IT! Trust me!  They have tact though.  They don’t say anything that the sitter can’t handle (at least in my experience).

So let me tell you about a reading I did for a friend.  She and I exchange readings – in fact she is the one that channeled dating advice from Spirit for me that I written in another blog.   Anyway, as we all do with each other, we all “tap in” to each other’s Family and Spirit Guides when we are stuck or need direction or an answer.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you’re asking why do you need to ask for help when you can do it yourself?  Great question!  Ever been so close and involved you can’t seem to figure out the answer and yet it is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?  Kind of like calling your friend to help them find your phone that is missing when it is the very thing glued to your ear to ask the question.  It’s like that. Also to illustrate this; if you have a choice of green or blue and you are leaning towards green, and then ask your Spirit guides and get green as the answer, was it really THEM or was it your energy influencing the answer??  See? These are things we ask all the time, so we utilize each other.  (on a much bigger scale of course) So, “tapping in“, is like Da’ Google of the Spirit world.  Spirits are always on standby and always around. SO WE ASK! Now mind you, you don’t always get what you want but you will always get what you need!  I would also like to stress that they will NOT answer silly questions. – TRUST ME I TRY!! ALL-THE-TIME.  Yes they are there to ask but they cannot live your life for you. It is important to trust yourself.  Does it stop me from asking though? NOPE! 

So my friend was having a rough moment and not getting a good feeling about an employer she was interviewing with and asked me if I could ask for some answers and guidance from the other side.  Of course, I said no problem!  I did my thing and tapped in.  She asked the questions and I listen for the answers and report what they are telling me.  

I got a description of the gentleman that was to be her boss and one of the words they said right off the bat to give to her was “MESSATOPIA”.  She absolutely busted up laughing at that.  She then told me that he was indeed extremely messy.  Not only his car but also his office!  The word “MESSATOPIA” was most certainly all encompassing although we had never heard it before.  Considering that UTOPIA would be something great, a “MESSATOPIA” sounded like a grand scale of a freakin’ MESS!   We couldn’t stop laughing.  You can’t make this stuff up!

When we finally stopped laughing, I went on asking for further advice and answers about the subject for her. Spirit gave me the word “BULLSH**” to answer a specific question. LET-ME-TELL-YOU -that was most certainly channeled!  Have you ever just said a word and it flew out of your mouth so fast you can’t retract it? Like someone else was saying it?  THAT’S what it is like and THAT’S what happened. I am just the microphone.  IT WASN’T ME that said it, it was SPIRIT!  FLEW right out of my mouth.  Well that was just so OVERLY appropriate for what the question was, and said so swiftly, we were now wiping tears from our eyes from laughing so hard.  We couldn’t stop pointing out that SPIRIT SAID A BAD WORD!!!!!

In the grand scheme of things, she got what she needed to hear to answer her questions.  It was said in such a lighthearted way, again thru the filter of my experiences, EXACTLY as she needed to hear it. Spirit is funny as all get-up!  If they had a fun personality while they were here, they took it with them.  If they were stubborn, rough, or unruly, well, they can come across just like that when passing messages on to further let you know that IT’S REALLY THEM!

All in all, it took a stressful situation she was trying to wade thru and simplified it.  Was any of it life and death? NAH.  Spirit uses us in ways to help, sometimes through our compassion and understanding and other times through our humor.  Personally, I like the humor version!  I always say what I am instructed to using my gifts.  It makes it fun when the enhancement of some words give the truer version of what needs to be said versus the sugar-coated version.  Better yet, Spirit uses my sense of humor to pass along what is needed to lighten the mood.  Whats even more of an extra boost is that the mood is lifted not only for the sitter but for me as well.  Score another one for Spirit!

P.S. If you are interested in your own reading, contact me thru ANGELMESSAGES2U.com.

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