I did the three months in review. It was much more than I expected. Clear messages that make sense to only me. The guidance was so helpful. This was fun too!

Sheri S., Vermilion, OH

WOW! I cannot say enough about how much information was given. They say you don’t always get what you want but always what you need. My path is much clearer now. She hit quite a few cords I haven’t spoken about to anyone. So touching!

Billie G. Hope, IN

I was given Lisa’s information from a friend and I am so pleased to have this connection now! She gave me the incite that I needed and a even more information that I didn’t realize I could use. She is so easy to be around. Can’t wait to see what else I am told! THANK […]

Kristen J. Parma, OH

This was my 3rd reading from you. I am so happy I found you at the BMSE in Raleigh! You were accurate and the messages were compassionate when we got to “touchy” subjects. It was worth the tears to hear from my Dad. Bless you!!

Kelli O., Garner, NC

First of all I LOVE your CARD OF THE DAY on your Facebook page! I get a lot of messages that I swear are meant for me! The reading that you gave me was so personable! I’m so glad I have a recording of it so I can recall all that was told to me. […]

Alexa R., Evansville, IN

I am so glad that I got your name from my friend Shelly! It was amazing to me that without telling you much at all that Spirit gave me very accurate information that has helped me a LOT. Grateful!!

Shannon H., Destin, FL

 I can’t thank you enough for the reading you did for me. It was so accurate! I appreciated how the messages were delivered. I know some didn’t make sense to you but they did to me!  Thank you as well for taking the extra time!  Can’t wait until my next reading!

Gemma K., Tampa, FL

Lisa Ann, thank you so so much for the amazing reading. Everything really resonated with me and you were so extremely accurate. I can’t wait to book another reading with you soon!!

Maureen P., Raleigh, NC

Thank you again, for channeling my father. I was surprised when you physically described him without seeing a picture of him. I loved the messages you gave him from him and sees then I have not dreamed of him.Thank you for all the work you do with our loved one that has passed away to the non physical world.I […]

C. Davo, Cary, NC

I had a lovely reading with Lisa Ann, today! THANK YOU LISA!! xxx

D. Cole, UK

My Husband I have known Lisa for years.  After the sudden and tragic death of my Husband, I have kept in touch with her about other business-related items.  After one of our conversations she called me back because she had received a message for me from my Husband that she needed to relay to me.  […]

T. Reeck, S. Pasadena, FL

In short, Lisa’s connection is amazing. I have been working with Lisa since before she was reading and channeling professionally and I can tell you her intuition is spot on. She has a knack for getting out of the way and truly allowing spirit to provide information you need or want to hear. Lisa’s personal […]

Shantell F., Cape Coral, FL

During this time of self-quarantine, many questions were coming up in my mind.  I scheduled a Zoom conference with Lisa in order to get a reading, wondering if it would be as accurate as it would be in person.  Lisa blew me away! Within the first 5 minutes, with very basic information from me (“what […]

Fran G., Cape Coral, FL

The reading I received from Lisa was such a wonderful experience. She was able to reveal so much relevant information!  I inquired about a specific life situation / dilemma I’m going through. Lisa was able to tune right in and deliver so much insight and guidance straight from spirit. I feel like she allowed me […]

Josh D., Raleigh, NC

Illuminating was my reading from Lisa.  She brought to light things that needed to be acknowledged and addressed.  We had a phone reading, but I still sensed her beautiful spirit.  Came away feeling encouraged and positive.  Thank you, Lisa

Jo Ann S., Cary, NC

Lisa is truly gifted! Have you ever had an experience and felt so wowed that you just want to tell everybody “you should do this”? That’s exactly how I feel. Lisa was astoundingly accurate and hit on things that were unexpected and so meaningful to me. The angels do indeed speak through her. Not only […]

Bonnie V., Portland OR

I have never had anyone do a reading for me. I was truly surprised and pleased with Lisa’s insight and the things she was conveying to me. I will be contacting her in the near future to further give me guidance. 

Marilyn B., Lee Co., FL

 I had the opportunity to receive a reading from Lisa and have to say the messages she shared were very specific to the many questions I have been having. She had no prior information about my particular circumstances and that is what made her messages so incredible. I would have to say 90% of her […]

Beth B., Cape Coral, Fl

Where to Begin? With me being a little nervous, Lisa has a very Calming Energy about her & the atmosphere was so peaceful. Lisa didn’t know anything about me, She said she had a message from the other side, upon listening to her soothing voice I knew immediately & started to cry for ONLY THE […]

Mary Beth G., Cape Coral, FL

I received a reading from Lisa and  I didn’t know what to expect, however she explained thoroughly  which put my mind at ease.I was blown away with the  information that came through and how she effortlessly was able to deliver the messages that resonated with me.Thank you Lisa for an awesome reading.

Joann E, Apex,NC

I am a fan of all of Lisa’s talents. I can’t decide which is my favorite. I have had the pleasure of receiving all of the different types of her readings. Lisa’s readings are “spot on”. It doesn’t matter if we are together doing the readings or 800 miles apart, it’s amazing how accurate they […]

Chris K. Cape Coral Fl

Lisa is amazing! I have had several readings with her and she has wowed me every time. She provided messages to me that were so spot on and what I needed to hear right at that moment. Lisa has this awesome way about her that makes you feel so connected right from the moment that […]

Cathy G Raleigh NC

“I have had the fortune of having an angel card reading by Lisa which was not only spot on but offered validation, confirmation and insight.  Like everyone else, we are on our own path, our own journey and although we understand we are on this path, there are moments when we have doubt or question […]

John R. Wake Forest, NC

“Lisa is straight forward yet compassionate with the messages she shares from Spirit. Her interpretation of Oracle cards during my reading were extremely insightful with lots of conformation throughout the entire reading.”

L. Foster, Raleigh, NC

“WOW! Getting a reading from Lisa today was amazing. She immediately put me at ease by explaining how the process flows, so there were no uncomfortable moments. The message was incredibly accurate and uplifting. I had a specific question in mind that I never mentioned and she hit on it almost immediately. It was like […]

J. Winters, Apex, NC

“I had a wonderful reading with Lisa and was both impressed with her psychic and mediumistic abilities as well as her ability to put me at ease. She made me feel as if we had known each other for a long time; yet she was like a trusted counselor and this at our first reading.  […]

Catherine D., Raleigh, NC

“Lisa is a gifted individual. Over this past year, I have watched her abilities grow tremendously. It’s amazing to see what information she picks up and how connected she is to other spirits and energy’s. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and others!”

Michelle G., Raleigh

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