Beth B., Cape Coral, Fl

 I had the opportunity to receive a reading from Lisa and have to say the messages she shared were very specific to the many questions I have been having. She had no prior information about my particular circumstances and that is what made her messages so incredible. I would have to say 90% of her responses were direct answers to significant questions I have been mulling – and most definitely over-thinking. Her words gave me clarity and acknowledgement that our loved ones do indeed hear us and are still there for us. The other 10% did not resonate at the time but within a few days became very clear, I was again, amazed.  I feel in my heart that Lisa is a very gifted individual and I will continue to turn to her in those times when I may again be over analyzing my life and choices. It just reassured me that I am on the right path for me. I use this guidance as a tool in my life to keep focused on the good things and let go of the thoughts and feelings that don’t serve me and my highest and best intentions. I am eternally grateful!

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