John R. Wake Forest, NC

“I have had the fortune of having an angel card reading by Lisa which was not only spot on but offered validation, confirmation and insight.  Like everyone else, we are on our own path, our own journey and although we understand we are on this path, there are moments when we have doubt or question our journey.  From Lisa’s reading, the validation came that yes I am on the right path, executing as I should.  However, what was really valuable to me was the confirmations about the details of the journey, specifically the influences, and challenges.  Lisa’s accuracy erased any doubts, provided me confidence which enabled me to focus upon, and be more efficient or effective in executing / traveling my path. What was mind blowing were the insights.  Although I am a believer, I am also a skeptic.  The following weeks and months after Lisa’s reading, the insights manifested themselves and materialized.  Having these prior insights allowed me to navigate a clearer more concise, and positive path forward.  The journey was a much smoother experience enabling me to achieve results and transition above my expectations.  I would highly recommend Lisa.  GREAT JOB Lisa, looking forward to my next reading.”

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