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My Spirit Guide Revealed

I have a stalker.  Yup!  This man watches my every move. Oversees my daily activities and even steers me on the right path unbeknownst to me.  He sits in the shadows and makes sure I am safe and ok. His name is Jean Paul Claude. Mind you, I don’t tell him to go away.  He […]


I’m sure a lot of you have watched or heard of the game show LETS MAKE A DEAL.  Wayne Brady and other hosts have been on this long running game show, but the premise is the same.  You basically get a choice of three doors, each with their own prize behind them.  No guarantee of […]

Allergic To Patience

I was looking for some all-encompassing “Confucius” joke or meme to reflect all the things I have to say about being “patient”.  It is like this four-letter word sometimes in my life!  I also want to stress that I am great at dishing info about it but rather horrible about taking it. I’ve tested positive… […]

Dating Advice From Spirit!

GROUNDED!  After my divorce, I gave myself a time-out.  No dating. No canoodling with the opposite sex.   I didn’t impose a time limit.  Whatever time it took was how long I needed.  I needed to heal.  Had to figure out how to put down the baggage.  Separate-out what was mine, and what belonged to others.  […]

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Guess what?? The state parks are finally open in my town!!  WOO HOO! My favorite one has opened the gates.  Discovering this you would have thought I won the lottery.  I was even armed with a new bag of peanuts to feed the squirrels and have not been able to get in to share.  The […]

Double-Talk. What did YOU mean??

Once upon a time, I had a friend that was pretty darn skilled in the art of “double-talk”.  Yep, you spoke with them and were led in one direction by their words.   Never implied it was any different. Suddenly when it served their purpose, they would say they INTENDED it to be another way.  You […]

Here’s Your 2 AM – 5 AM Wake Up Call !

AHEM! Hey? You sleeping?  OH GOOD! LETS TALK! Does your bedtime go a little something like this? YOUR EGO/MIND speaking: ‘AHEM! The BODY is finally laying down! Tonight’s agenda is RETHINKING. The goal is to go over all the things we still NEED to do, DIDN’T do, and WANTED to do. Oh, and we will […]

TUG-O-WAR: Me vs. Angels

Once up a time, I was under the illusion I was in control.  My Indian name would have been “Chief Big Britches”.  Then reality came and slapped me on the bottom like a new born baby. I learned that things didn’t go my way all the time.  *GASP*!  Frankly, this little nuance kind of irritated […]

Name It to Claim It

I have been told that I am a “Master-Manifester”.  This sounds all cool and stuff, but I don’t think I’m Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie whipping my hair around to make things happen.  I don’t have a magic lamp either- but I am looking for it! (If you have seen it, please send it […]

MOUNTAIN: Float Around vs. Climb – THAT Is The Question!

I have a group of “Woo Woo” friends.  We get together and practice mediumship, trance-channeling, oracle cards, intuitive psychic readings and of course encompass all the ‘Clairs”.  We each practice whatever modality you want to personally work on at the moment.  It is a safe place to try, strengthen, and get feedback of our different […]

Night Shift Angel Messengers & Catching Your Dreams

I don’t know about you, but I have days that I wake up tired from sleeping! Who knew? My active brain does not shut down.  When I sleep, I dream. In fact, I dream a LOT.   So much so, that I feel am a walking storybook when the alarm goes off! I never paid much […]

Tell Her! Tell Her!

I have another career. I am pretty sure I’m going to be phasing out of it pretty soon because THIS is my truer calling. Alas, the old is familiar and easy. True to my inner five year old, I will probably have to go kicking. Ultimately, I know that its getting close to cutting the […]

Getting ‘The Bird’

Yup! I am getting ‘The Bird’, a LOT these days!! Is it good? Is it bad? Trust me, I WANT TO KNOW TOO! I have created certain signs that represent certain things. Remember 222 in my world is DRIFT DIVE-GO WITH THE FLOW. 555, is CHANGES COMING!!! My Birthday is my Great Aunt. A Dragon […]

Hello! Is this thing on??

My friend Angie* has been having a pretty rough go of it. I am privy to a lot, but not all, of what she has on her plate.  I was nudged by Spirit to ask a friend to give her a reading.  My friend, Stacy*, is AH-MAZ-ING.  I don’t read for Angie* often because of […]

You have ONE JOB: Be Happy

Have you ever heard this story Wayne Dyer speaks of: THE FIVE CHAPTERS OF MY LIFE Pretty cool that how written, this can apply to all of us for one or more situations! As it is the last day of this year, I want to put a new spin on new years resolutions. Hear me […]

What you see is what you get

Have I ever told you about my bike? Well, wait until you hear this one! While I was waiting patiently for the stars to align before I could move, I was listening to various self help type books and programs. I rendered them my own pep squad at times. Depending where I was at the […]


Raise your hand if you have you EVER just wanted to pick up your life and START OVER. Not know where – but just to GO? Fresh start. Fresh perspective. NEW. HEY! ME TOO!!!!!! Guess what? I could, so I did! Once upon a time not that long ago, I decided to do just that. […]

What do your numbers say??

Anyone remember talking Pig Latin??? That once upon a time covert language you spoke with your friends so adults around you didn’t know what you were saying??? If you didn’t or don’t remember, here’s how you do it: Drop the first letter of any word, add it to the end of the word then add […]

What’s Up Doc?

Occasionally, I get nudges to give someone a reading. I feel compelled to at least offer and if that person is open, I will spend time with them relaying the information that is meant for them. I have a friend, and co-worker, Mary*. She is by far one of the most sweetest and caring people […]