During my sessions, I ask for only positive messages that serve highest good, so if there’s any info or potential outcome that doesn’t benefit you to know, I won’t even see it.  The information I do receive, will always be presented in a kind and loving manner.

Once a service has been purchased, please email me at to let me know. Paypal isn’t always prompt in notifying me. Thank you!

Lisa Ann

Scheduling: You will be contacted within 24 hours of your payment to schedule your appointment.

Channeling Guidance From Your Spirit Guides:

I allow Spirit to speak thru me and use my voice to relay the messages they feel are important for you to know. They often skip around to many different subjects and people as they speak. My voice is not different, but the words they use and how they use them are often very different from my own.  Caring and compassionate and sometimes even funny messages come thru. I create an open and loving space for you to feel comfortable

TIME: 30 Min



Notes From Spirit: (Automatic Writing)

Request a had written message from a specific loved one or your Spirit guides.  I allow Spirit to use my hand to write this out for you.  The messages are unique for you and are relevant to your life.  I ask what you request to know about or what subject is important for your guidance going forward at this time.  Watch in person or relayed to you via email with a picture of the actual writing that I did of what was given to me to convey to you.

TIME: 25 Min

Notes From Spirit


Oracle Card Reading

Using a few unique Oracle decks, I convey information Spirit has provided me to help guide you going forward.   I convey what I see, hear, feel and know intuitively, to you.  Get a general reading or ask on a specific subject you would like guidance with.   This reading is good for gaining insight into the path you’re on now or asking guidance about a circumstance either now or in the future. Email Card Readings will have pictures of the cards attached.

Oracle Card Reading- 15 Min


Oracle Card Reading – 30 Min


Oracle Card Reading – 45 Min


Oracle Card Reading – 60 Min


Year Or Months In Review:   

This is a fun way to take a sneak into the future!  Want to be nosey?  Let’s look!  With just your name, I will ask your Guardians and Guides to show me the cards that pertain to you for the months and subjects you want to know about.  Five cards per month are pulled giving you a glimpse into your future energies as guided by Spirit with any intuitive messages they want to add.  Be prepared! They reveal the good and the bad.  Use this guidance to confirm the great things to come or give you a heads up of what to avoid or work around.    

PICK BY SUBJECT: Marriage, Love, Happiness, Career, Success, Wealth, WILD-CARD (not subject defined)



3 Months in a Row


6 Months in a Row


12 Months in a Row


Gift Certificates

Do you know someone who is at a crossroads in life and could use some guidance? Psychic/Intuitive readings can be a fun treat and a way to gain clarity into one’s situation from an impartial party. Give that treat to a friend or loved one for any special occasion.  Sessions can be like a joyous reunion. Give the gift of reconnecting with loved ones who have crossed over or guidance with a gift certificate.

AngelMessages2U gift certificates are available for most all services. They are good for a full year from date of purchase.  Readings or channeling sessions can be either in person, telephone, Skype or Facetime from anywhere in the world. Each session takes approximately the time defined in the services portion.

Simply click a button below to submit your desired service you would like to buy for someone. Make the payment through PayPal, where you can pay with any major credit card, with or without a PayPal account. I will email you a gift certificate within 24 hours, which may be forwarded via email to the recipient or may be printed. (Make sure the email address used for your PayPal payment is the correct email address or contact me if it should be emailed someplace else.) Of course, if you have any questions at all, just contact me. Thank you!

Gift Certificate: Channeling


Gift Certificate: Evidential Mediumship


Gift Certificate: Notes From Spirit


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