What is a channeling session like?

We’ll sit down together, and I will explain what I do and what to expect.  I will ask you for permission to tap into your energy. I’ll close my eyes a bit as I listen for messages, and I’ll periodically tell you what I pick up on. I don’t go into any trance or speak in any weird voices. I try pick up on things like names, personalities, and other details that only you would know.

Usually, I’ll start just by listening/feeling the energy that’s coming through and telling you what I sense. After a while, I may ask you if you brought any object or photo. If you bring a photo for me to use in connecting, please don’t show it to me until I am ready. When I ask for it, just hand it to me face down so that I don’t see it. I’ll spend some time holding the object or photo to feel what energy it brings through before I turn it over to look at it. Towards the end of the session, I’ll ask if you have any questions.

What is a psychic reading like?

It is very relaxed and casual. I will use Oracle cards to pick up on specific situations or attributes to discuss.  I will also tune in to the energy and/or inquire with your Spirit Guides for any other information you should know. When I tune in to the energy or talk to your Spirit Guides, it is a lot like meditating for me. I will close my eyes and breathe deeply while I listen for what comes through. More details are on my Psychic Reading page. Spirit guides me to tell you what they want you to know and guide me to say it how you need to hear it.

Where do your sessions take place?

I float between a few brick and mortar locations in the area. Check my schedule and events page to see where I am. 

How long does a session last?

Most readings last about 30- 40 minutes depending if you have more or fewer questions. I work to stay on schedule, so I don’t keep other appointments waiting.  The length of service varies based on what you book. Please see the specified times posted for the service that you are requesting.

Do I NEED to bring anything?

No.  If you would LIKE, below are a few items you can but it is not necessary to receive a reading.

PHOTOS AND/OR PERSONAL OBJECTS – If it’s convenient, please bring one or two photos of the person you’d like to connect to and/or one or two personal objects. If you don’t have any printed photos, a photo on your cell phone is fine. If you don’t have photos or personal objects at all, that’s fine, too. Keep in mind that I cannot guarantee who will come through. That is up to spirit.

QUESTIONS – You may want to think ahead of time about any questions you have, either for me or for your loved ones. Speak out loud to your loved ones in your own prayer or meditative state.  Let them know you need answers to questions and ask them to guide me to relay that information to you.   They don’t always give you what you want but they will give you what you need.

PAPER & PEN OR RECORDING DEVICE – It is completely up to you whether you would like to take notes or record the session. (Please do not broadcast the session without written permission.)  I would be happy to record the session for you for an additional $5 and email it to you to listen to later.

Can I bring someone else with me?

Sure, you may bring one additional adult. Please be aware that additional distractions and another person’s energy can negatively affect the session.

How did you get started and how long have you been doing Spiritual work?

I’ve been involved in Spiritual activities since I was a child but didn’t know what I was doing at the time. I am an Empath and Light Worker.  Mostly a closet psychic for a long while, I never understood what I was doing exactly or how I knew what I did.  I always was discounting it as coincidence.  Then, something significant happened in my life that awoke my abilities ten-fold.  Everything made sense.  Intrigued, I agreed that I would learn as much as I could. I asked what I should do in order to learn more. The answer that came to me was to read, spend time in meditation in nature and take classes.  I started right away.  Was a sponge for information. Still am!  I was led to study abroad at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England as well as taken numerous other courses to broaden my perspective and expand my gifts.  I will never stop learning and evolving. During my sessions, I ask for only positive messages that serve highest good, so if there’s any info or potential outcome that doesn’t benefit you to know, I won’t even see it, and information I do receive will always be presented in a kind and loving manner.

How accurate are your readings?

Each reading can vary, depending on your energy and who you want to try and connect with. Other factors can also play a role, such as how receptive you are to the information that’s coming through. If it’s within the first six months after a loved one has passed, sometimes the intensity of the grief can get in the way of obtaining peaceful closure. Similarly, if you’re angry with the deceased, or otherwise distraught, it can make the session more challenging. In general, I find that the information that comes through seems to be about 80-90% accurate. Some of the messages are meant for a future moment that will make sense to you at that time.  Of course, I’ll leave it to you to let me know what your perception is after your session is complete.  I don’t try and tell you what to think. I’m strictly a microphone for Spirit.

Should I tell you when you’re right or wrong?

As I channel, it is important for me to be rested and clear my mind so I can receive messages, see pictures and hear what they are saying to me to tell you.  It’s not that I don’t get messages, its interpreting those signs and messages to give to you.  Sometimes information will come through that doesn’t make sense and I will ask for them to give me something different or clarify the information. If when pieces of information comes through that does not resonate with you, I ask that you simply let it go. As is often the case, it might make sense to you later, or it might just not be correct or relevant. Unless I ask you a question, I’d rather you remain silent.  That helps keep the energy flowing. If something comes through that is accurate, it’s helpful if you can simply say that you understand. Please don’t volunteer details or information until I ask you.

Do you get names?

The stronger I get as a medium, the more consistent names I get. I do ask for the Spirits name.   I may not get the exact name but hear something similar that will resonate with you.  Exact names do come frequently to me.

May I record the session?

Yes, it is fine if you’d like to take notes or record the session. (I can also record it for you and email it to you for $5, If you choose)  If you choose to take notes, please know that I cannot repeat most of what I get or slow down as I am just a channel. I will not/do not remember when I am done to repeat it back to you.  Recording is best. Taking notes after you leave from the recording is suggested.  I ask that you do not broadcast it to others without my written permission.

How soon after a loved one’s passing can I have a session?

I recommend you wait until you feel strong and at peace. There are no guarantees that the person on the other side is ready to talk to.  They may not feel YOU are ready at the time.  Ultimately, your session will typically bring more peace if you’re not in the heaviest stages of grief.

How often can I get a session?

I recommend you wait at least a week between sessions (a month is better), or wait until something has changed in your circumstances.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. If you are ready to book now, please schedule an appointment.  Grateful!

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