How To Prepare For Your Reading

  • Refrain from any alcohol or recreational drug usage for at least 24 hours so your energy is clearer.
  • Decide what it is that you would like more information on or about. Write out those questions to keep with you to review before you leave. Most often, the questions are answered prior to the end of the reading. I will not ask for those questions to be revealed prior.  I may ask you for a vague subject description to ask Spirit about for you. (like HOME, WORK, RELATIONSHIP, etc.)
  • A way to record your reading or take a picture of your Oracle cards if you so choose. 
  • Please put your phone in “Do not disturb” mode to disable incoming calls, text messages, and all other notifications during your reading.
  • Prior to your arrival, speak outloud or to yourself what it is you would like to know. Your intention will help your guidance give me your messages.
  • Take a few deep breathes.  Try and clear your mind to be able to receive. 

About Phone Readings:

  • It’s important that your environment be calm and free from distractions, family and pets.  Please make the necessary arrangements to create that calm atmosphere that you will be able to focus and retain the detailed information you receive during the reading. This time is for YOU.
  • Having other human energy in the room can taint the information intended for the person receiving the reading.

A Few More Thoughts:

I am a messenger.  I relay what I am directed to tell you and how it is given to me.  I don’t control what Spirit comes thru.  I only allow those in Light and Love to reach thru to speak to you.  Whomever it is, has a message for your highest and best that I will relay. You also may get information about someone you are not even close to.  Spirit wants to talk, and they are excited to have a way!  You might be the person they choose to relay a healing message for someone else.  Please know that not all the messages will make sense to you right away. A month or year later, it will just “click” with what is happening in your life. Spirit will not let you forget.

You have free will.  Your messages are based on today’s energy.  Spirit knows and hears things that you don’t going on in your life so some of the information may not make sense – NOW.  You always have a say in what direction or path you choose for your future.  My intention is to be the voice for Spirit to help guide you. There are lessons and blessings to be had.  None of which are wasted.  The messages that are relayed are for your highest and best life. Spirit will give messages that they want you to know. They will not tell you everything, as frustrating as it may seem.  Trust the process.

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